Dairy Ingredients For Better Health

Friday, February 26th, 2021

The continuing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) throughout the world is leading to an increasingly anxious public in terms of health. There is no clear end in sight to this pandemic and now, more than ever, people are aware of the importance of protecting their health and preventing illness.We still know relatively little about COVID-19, but what is clear from the ongoing reports and studies is that COVID-19, directly and indirectly, affects the immune system.

Vulnerable groups are particularly at risk from COVID-19, including diabetics, the elderly, and people with pre-existing health conditions.

A healthy diet can help boost the immune system. With this in mind, food manufacturers have the opportunity to grow consumer confidence by offering quality products enhanced with bioactive ingredients that can also help the immune system fight against illness.

Bioactive compounds exist naturally in many foods, but usually only in small quantities. We know it’s good for our health to eat fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains, but sometimes this isn´t enough to prevent health problems, particularly for vulnerable people. It follows, therefore, that the addition of bioactive ingredients to food and beverages or dietary supplements can improve the body’s immune system.

COVID-19 has increased consumer awareness of how important it is to build immunity to stay fit and healthy. While products containing bioactive ingredients won’t cure COVID-19 or stop you from getting it, they can help to prevent it.

In these uncertain times, consumers are looking for brands and products they can trust, that will promote good health.

This is an opportunity for manufacturers in the health and nutrition fields to offer products that prevent low immunity and promote the effectiveness of bioactive ingredients.

Adding bioactive ingredients derived from milk to foodstuffs is a method of promoting good health and well-being, not just in light of the current COVID situation, but generally. People tend to live longer these days, so looking after our long-term health should be a priority.

Ingredia has spent several years developing Prodiet Lactoferrin, Lactium and Pep2Dia, to bring to the market three dairy-based bioactive ingredients that can facilitate the development of immune-boosting, anti-stress and prediabetes food products.

Each of these ingredients has a role in promoting better health during and beyond COVID. The Ingredia range contains three main dairy-based bioactive ingredients that can be used in various applications to help boost the immune system.

These enhancements, as well as being beneficial to consumers, are USPs for manufacturers and retailers. There is a valuable market to be gained by putting consumers first and offering them a solution by preventing certain health situations before they occur. This is also a valuable marketing opportunity as the addition of bioactive ingredients adds value to the base product.


The product benefits of dairy bioactive ingredients

With lockdowns happening all over the world, and none of us knowing if our region will be next it makes sense to protect our health. While we may be able to travel freely to supermarkets and buy fresh produce from markets at the moment, restrictions could be put in place extremely fast, as we saw during the first half of 2020.

Of course, there will still be access to food, however, fresh food could become more expensive and supplies limited. When governments announced we had to stay in our homes and only take essential travel most of us will recall the initial panic buying when the fresh fruit and vegetable shelves were left bare.
Also, many people tended to stock up on processed food for fear of running out, which is not good for a healthy diet.

As manufacturers, it’s up to us to market the message to consumers that products enhanced with bioactive ingredients can have many positive effects on their health.

While the pandemic has been a shock that has rocked our personal and professional world, it has made us aware of the importance of protecting our health and the health of our loved ones.

If manufacturers continue to research and develop products that can keep people healthy for longer, prevent diseases occurring and improve quality of life then the future of bioactive ingredients is secure.


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