Colouring Your Food, Naturally

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Consuming food involves more than just taste. It is a full sensorial experience. The visual appearance is one of the most powerful ways to capture a consumer’s attention and interest. Colour has an impact on the minds of people as far as food is concerned. Adding colour to food is what makes it attractive and appetizing, thus enhancing its overall appeal.

Natural colours or colours exempt from certifications (FDA definition – CFR, Title 21 Part 73), are widely used today in foods, beverages, dietary supplements, pet food and select cosmetics.  The natural colour market continues to grow at 10-12 percent per annum as consumer product manufacturing companies realize the benefits of ingredient transparency.

However, today, clean label trends are driving significant demand for natural ingredients especially natural colours.  Consumers are demanding shorter ingredient lists but more importantly, ingredients they are familiar with.  As a result, this trend is driving manufacturers to respond by creating/reformulating and ultimately promoting the “simplicity” of their products.  Examples can be seen with the branded and private label foods and beverages.  As we progress to a new era of colour reformulation, the art and precision of colour enhancement and colour perception is complex and sophisticated, and technical expertise is often required.

Mr. Geemon Korah, CEO of Kancor Ingredients Ltd., explains, “Turmeric when used under a high pH environment can produce a reddish hue and is not stable. But at the right pH, it colours the food matrix in a beautiful yellow hue. Turmeric can withstand high temperature processing, but it is sensitive to light. The solution is different with each changing parameter- heat, pH, temperature and final product storage conditions.” He says “for this reason, it is important to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of ingredient interactions, processing challenges, product microstructure, texture, viscosity and stability to select the optimal colour or colour system. Our colour team works closely with each consumer to ensure that these needs are met to the fullest.”

Kancor offers a wide range of natural colours, under the product line named C-CAPTURE, for various product platforms and systems. C-CAPTURE includes colours such as turmeric (yellow), a host of carotenoids including  annatto, paprika and beta-carotene (yellow, orange and reddish orange), beet juice concentrate (pink), fruit and vegetable juices (red to purple), to name a few. In addition, the company offers sodium copper chlorophyllin (green) options, caramel and other customised blends depending on application and desired hue.

Mr. Geemon says, “Our global sourcing programmes, which stretch across the world help us pick just the right crop to get the perfect hue. For some of our key colour raw materials, we have a network of approved farms that are guided by our agriculture experts. Our long-term relationship with spice growers ensure consistency in quality and reliability of supply.”

Kancor colours the world’s leading food and beverage brands, keeping them appetising, vibrant and natural. Kancor’s expertise in in-house extraction, isolation, purification and blending processes, create shades that are consistent in hue and are virtually stable in any food and beverage matrix.

Natural Colour Wheel


Advantages of using natural colour in food:

There are several advantages to using colour additives:

  • Colour is used to offset any change in hue as a result of harsh processing conditions.
  • Brings uniformity to the finished product.
  • Plays an integral role in taste perception. In the end, colour is used to make the finished product more appealing to the eyes of the consumer.

Awards and Recognitions for C-CAPTURE:

C-CAPTURE has won the Visitor’s Choice award for the most innovative product at FI-India 2017.

Kancor’s Citrine Series, natural green hues of C-CAPTURE was selected as one of the Finalists at the World Beverage innovation Awards 2017 at Drinktec, Munich, Germany for the category ‘Best Beverage Ingredients’.

Ochre and Sunlight series, natural yellow-orange hues of C-CAPTURE were selected as the finalists for the categories – Best Dairy Ingredients and Best Dairy Product from Asia, at the Annual World Dairy Innovation Awards held in association with FoodBev Media at the 12th Global Dairy Congress in Warsaw, Poland.


Kancor – The Complete Food Ingredient Solutions Provider:

Kancor Ingredients Limited is a pioneer in the field of Global Spice Extraction, whose roots in the spice trade can be traced back to 1857 in Cochin, the spice capital of the world. Partnering with V Mane Fils, France; one of the largest Flavour and Fragrance companies in the world, Kancor specialises in complete natural food ingredient solutions right from sourcing of raw materials, extraction, research, formulation and testing to the final delivery.   Kancor’s specialisations include a full range of Oleoresins, Essential oils, Mint and Menthol, Natural anti-oxidants, Natural Colours, Culinary platforms, Delivery platforms and Organic Ingredients with every product adhering to global standards.


Kancor is participating in FI Asia 2018. Visit us at Booth No. A2.GG43, JI Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia from 3rd to 5th October 2018 to know more about products and applications.