Biospringer Reveals Dedicated Yeast Extract Solutions To The Meat Analogue Challenge In Asia Pacific

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

Biospringer established an integrated portfolio of yeast extract solutions dedicated to the booming plant-based meat trend in the Asia Pacific (APAC). Despite being in an infancy stage, the meat substitute segment is gaining acceptance amongst consumers because of their perceived healthier, safer, and sustainable appeals. According to Innova Category Insider, the growth of meat analogue in APAC was expected to reach 8.65 percent CAGR by volume between 2019 to 2022. Traditionally, the prevailing religious beliefs in the APAC region led vegans or vegetarians to restrict meat intake and lean towards ‘mock meat’, which is dominantly soy or wheat-based with poor nutritive values compared to animal protein. Yet today, this segment is evolving to contain other types of protein-based ingredients (lab-grown cultured seafood by Shiok Meats or lab-grown cultured chicken meat by Eat Just) to appeal to the rising ‘flexitarians’ and mainstream meat-eaters. Nevertheless, achieving meat-like taste and texture in meat analogues is a complex and difficult hurdle to overcome.


Taste remained as the key challenge to overcome in meat analogues

The Innova Category Survey in 2020 revealed health and taste are the key reasons why consumers consume meat analogues. With the new product development moving at a lightning pace in this segment, it offers an extensive selection of innovative meat substitute products for flexitarian consumers to choose from and compare with higher expectations in taste, mouthfeel and most importantly, a balanced nutritional profile. Hugo Leclercq, the Innovation & Business Development Director from Biospringer APAC states, “Thanks to its APAC presence, regional market knowledge, innovation and development capabilities, Biospringer anticipated the meat analogue trend and designed three innovative taste solutions with yeast extracts. Biospringer is a key technical partner to support the development of next generation meat analogues by the local food manufacturers”.


Masking undesirable off-notes

Soy, beany, green, or other various off-notes are naturally present in plant-based proteins, which are undesirable attributes pushing consumers away from plant-based meat. As such, it is important to mask the off-notes from the protein base. Indeed, this is a challenge to overcome, without affecting the original flavor profile.  In view of this challenge, Biospringer has specially developed newly dedicated solution with Springer Mask range of yeast extract to help manufacturers conceal the off notes from plant proteins. Biospringer Culinary Center in Singapore by being close to the plant-proteins key players in the APAC market did study the following plant-proteins combination with proven technical efficiency in masking off-notes:

  • Masking of soy or beany off-notes in 26 percent textured soy protein and isolated soy protein blend
  • Masking of green and beany off-notes in 37 percent textured soy protein and isolated pea protein blend
  • Masking of starchy and beany off-notes in 44 percent textured wheat protein, textured soy protein and isolated pea protein blend.

Leclercq added, “Biospringer did develop its capabilities into masking off-notes from upstream plant-protein matrix before characterising flavors and adding seasonings into the matrix. Once the protein off-notes are masked, here comes the second challenge: to mimic the sensory attributes of real meats”.


Creates meaty taste profile

Developing taste solutions to address this concern will help flexitarian consumers transit smoothly from animal protein to other alternatives. With Springer Signature range of yeast extracts, Biospringer brings authentic meaty taste profiles such as beef and chicken flavor notes to the meat analogues matrix. Springer Signature also provides complementary taste benefits with roasted, smoked, and grilled notes that will bring identity and character with taste complexity.

“Apart from playing with the flavoring system to bring real meat-eating experience, it is also equally important to build up mouthfeel by prolonging the taste experience over time thanks to high umami yeast extract”, says Leclercq.


Long-lasting umami taste and salt reduction

As consumers anticipate the authenticity and nourishment of meat substitutes, they are increasingly aware and make conscious purchase decisions based on the salt content label. This places pressure on the manufacturers to start reducing salt in their formulation. However, salt reduction in a food matrix system, moreover in the meat analogues, is challenging. To fill this gap, Biospringer has developed salt reduction solutions with Springer Umami range of yeast extracts for highly processed meat alternatives like burger patty, nuggets, and sausages. Springer Umami is a natural origin ingredient that contains high nucleotides that work synergistically to bring rich natural umami and long-lasting performance. As such, it is efficient in intensifying salt perception and balancing the taste of salt-reduced recipe. Thus, aligns with the current market trend of clean label and at the same time, maintaining the gustative attractiveness of meat alternatives.

“Biospringer own strong ingredient capabilities with clean label yeast extracts, ready to bring solutions to the market and breakthrough in the plant-protein space. The company is willing to overcome the challenges with three dedicated solutions in masking, bringing complex taste profile and providing long-lasting umami performance to mimic the sophisticated sensory attributes of meat analogues, while embracing the salt reduction efforts in this segment. Biospringer is also anticipating the 2.0 plant protein which will be introduced soon in the market” concluded Leclercq.

*References available upon request


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