Behind Sidel’s Hot Melt Cut & Stack Labelling Solution

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

With its simple structure, small footprint and user-friendliness, the Sidel Hot Melt EvoDECO labeller offers a cost-efficient solution. The automatic rotary hot glue labelling machine can apply complete wrap-around pre-cut paper labels on glass, PET and can containers for various applications, including water, carbonated soft drinks and Food, Home and Personal Care (FHPC). In addition, the EvoDECO platform brings modularity to labelling, enabling easy replacement between various modules, including hot melt, roll-fed, self-adhesive and cold glue.

Subject to increasing regulatory demands globally, labelling today is a highly intricate process and more vital to the products than ever before. Food and beverage industry players are particularly concerned with the costs of materials and are keen to optimise their investment while increasing the brand recognition. With 40 years of experience in the labelling industry and over 5,000 machines installed worldwide, Sidel is one of the top three players in the market providing the expertise to meet all labelling needs.

Reducing Cost From Materials To Maintenance

Sidel’s hot glue labelling solution is based on a simple and proven design structure which makes the machine very accessible, easy to use with 40 percent less maintenance time and low running costs. It is designed to handle lightweight containers and can manage thinner label material. 

Its high flexibility enables various configuration installations, applying wrap-around pre-cut paper labels to both round and irregularly shaped glass, PET and can containers for various applications, including water, carbonated soft drinks and FHPC. To ensure high quality, the gluing system for wrap-around labels on bottles improves label adhesion by reducing the glue quantity. The production speed can reach up to 50,000 bottles per hour (bph) and requires minimal floor space with a compact footprint.

EvoDECO Platform Maximises Flexibility With Modularity

Having flexibility in mind, Sidel’s EvoDECO labelling solutions enable producers to deliver different stock keeping units (SKUs). They might either include several labelling applications in one multi-technology machine or a single labelling application through dedicated equipment for optimised uptime, reduced footprint and low total cost of ownership (TCO). The most flexible labelling solution to date from Sidel, the EvoDECO Multi, brings next level modularity into labelling. It offers a standardised carousel that can be equipped with up to four different labelling technologies, including hot melt, roll-fed, self-adhesive and cold glue. Switching between various labelling modules is quick and easy thanks to Plug & Play connections, offering producers the freedom of labelling choice and total flexibility.

Since 1976 Sidel has continuously ensured and promoted the image of various brands. At its dedicated labelling plant in Mantua, Italy, the company is not only manufacturing equipment labelling applications, but also providing outstanding services to support its customers worldwide.

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