Asia, It’s Time To Look Closely At Snack Trends

Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Snack trends in Asia are evolving. While there is high growth in low sugar, low carb and low-fat options; the pandemic continues to shape what Asia snacks on. Consumers want comforting, convenient snacks and  many are consciously seeking products that have immunity boosting properties.


With increasing demand comes increased production, and for snack food processors; verifiable inspection processes are no longer an option. Many are seeking strategic partnerships to innovate their inspection processes and meet the demands of quality and safety conscious consumers.

Inspection Equipment for Snacks

Having a metal detector allows a snack food processor to easily comply with global safety standards. This part of the inspection process can occur at several points in the food production line and its primary purpose is to detect for metal contamination. Choosing the right metal detector is an important choice and should be based on the type of snack food you intend to run. 

While metal detection in food processing is primarily about quality control and consumer protection, it also protects other machinery in the production line because even the smallest metal particle can lead to machinery malfunction, resulting in revenue decrease thanks to production downtime.

World’s Only Multi-Spectrum Metal Detector

The CEIA THS/MS21 is the world’s only multi-spectrum metal detector. It has unique detection capability and extreme sensitivity of magnetic, non-magnetic, and even stainless-steel metal contaminants, and is available in a USDA-approved design. Suitable for all manner of snack food products, it can detect foreign objects while operating simply, efficiently and at high speed, while also collecting and retaining important production run data.

Don’t risk your brand’s reputation with inferior equipment. Take advantage of the world’s only multi-spectrum metal detection technology and neutralize product effect for all types of metal contaminants — both magnetic, and non-magnetic. Heat and Control can help you gain food safety and quality control confidence with high performance metal detection solutions. 

About Heat and Control

Established in 1950, Heat and Control is a privately-owned company with a global team that has built an extensive knowledge bank and developed a wealth of experience and expertise. Access to production and technical support from a network of engineers, food technicians, field service technicians, skilled tradespeople, and support teams provide food manufacturers with confidence to achieve production goals.

  • Ten manufacturing facilities, 11 test centres, and more than 30 offices globally
  • Testing, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation commissioning, user training, spare parts, and provision of after-sales service.


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