Arjuna Natural Shares Its Outlook On The Supplement Market

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Traditionally, supplements came in a pill or a capsule. However, in recent years, consumers have been presented with an explosion of choices with supplement-infused food and beverage options.

Health supplements are substances which you may include in your diet to either add nutrients to it or lower potential health risks or conditions. While nutrition took centre stage initially, the efficacy of supplements has gained immense traction amongst consumers as agents that are able to provide meaningful support against health conditions which infringe on the quality of life. 

In the last few decades, there has been an increasing awareness of the benefits of natural foods and supplements. According to fresh data by Innova market Insights, vitamins, minerals and botanical herbal products are taking a lead in new product growth. Botanicals represent 24 percent of supplement launches. Innova has also noted a rise in popularity for gummies, chews and liquid products where flavour plays an increasingly important factor for the marketing of supplements in the future.

Traditionally, supplements came in a pill or a capsule. However, in recent times, consumers have been presented with an explosion of accessible choices with supplements incorporated into fun food and drinks such as snack bars, chocolate and confectionary, soups, ready to mix drinks, beverages and so on. Moreover, this addition of health benefits to foods and drinks creates unique competitive advantages for the manufacturer as it adds value to the customer.

This change in both form of delivery as well as nature of supplements have presented unique challenges, especially natural ones. Nature-based ingredients typically contain many individual molecules, unlike their synthetic counterparts which can be made uniquely. Moreover, naturally obtained supplements tend to be more complex to adapt to food as sensory expectations need to be met. 

Arjuna Natural has been developing exceptional products and helping customers adapt it to various food and drink applications.  The greatest example is the renowned BCM-95 (Curcugreen), which is currently hailed the world’s most researched Turmeric Extract. It is 100 percent turmeric and safe (GRAS affirmed) with a versatile edge. 

Curcumin and all its forms are known to be notoriously difficult to adapt by itself as curcumin is insoluble in water and only slightly soluble in oil. BCM-95 (CurcuGreen), is 700 percent more absorbable than plain curcumin, hence requires smaller dose which saves cost and reduces sensory impact. Moreover, available in different formats such as oil miscible, water dispersible and powder, it can be further customised into individual formulations. 

However, while adaptation is one aspect, the key is of course the ingredient, its efficiency and safety. Science plays an important part here as well. A rigorous process of processing and isolation is required. To ensure consistency, it is important to standardise the active component so that each dose of standard unit delivers predictable consistent results each time. The results, of course need to be quantified in scientifically controlled studies. 

Supplements, whether new to the world or derived from traditional practices, are clinically studied in scientific conditions and the results are published in peer-reviewed and reputable international publications, which ensures high reliability results. Products like BCM-95 (Curcugreen) are often used in these studies. Safety is similarly ensured by a combination of scientific studies and tests. While each batch of product has to be scientifically assessed for safety from possible contaminants of elements of concern, the product should also be scientifically studied for both long-term use as well as high dosages to understand real-life implications.

While these are just a few illustrative examples, the possibilities brought about by natural health supplements is huge. Within the category of health supplements—which includes synthetic ones—naturally-derived ones are preferred although they are more challenging to manufacture. Modern diets, also challenged by the stresses of modern living situations and eating habits are leading to challenging health conditions which can both be prevented and overcome by judicious use of safe quality health supplements. Providing wholesome nutrition and health benefits is a valued proposition consumers look forward to and can be rewarding for those players who chose to innovate with the consumer in mind.


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