ADM Announces Partnership with SSP's Sustainable Agriculture Initiative in India

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

ADM and SSP announce partnership for women’s empowerment in Indian agriculture.

ADM has announced it has partnered with Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP), an NGO championing women’s empowerment in climate-threatened communities.

The partnership revolves around SSP’s Women-led Climate Resilient Farming (WCRF) model, designed to empower women farmers as agents of change. This initiative is particularly impactful in Marathwada, Maharashtra, where climate change poses severe challenges to agriculture.

Funded by ADM, the project began last December and aims to support 1,500 women farmers across 30 villages. The initiative addresses the adversities faced by women in agriculture, especially in regions where erratic weather has devastated crops.

Amrendra Mishra, ADM’s Country Manager of India, emphasises the company’s commitment to fostering resilience and sustainability among small farming households. The WCRF model focuses on improving productivity, income, health, nutrition, and resilience, contributing to a robust agrarian community.

To implement this model effectively, SSP has established a supportive network that involves collaboration with the government, agro-tech partners, training partners, and knowledge and resource partners.

On the ground, Krishi Samvad Sahayak (KSS), an agriculture conversation facilitator, plays a pivotal role, serving as a bridge between the model’s network and women farmers by disseminating the model, ensuring constant communication, and providing support for the women farmers involved.

“SSP has been working closely with ADM for the past two years, and together we have embarked on meaningful initiatives that brought positive results,” said Upmanyu Patil, Director of Programs at SSP.

ADM and SSP have already achieved significant milestones, including the construction of 100 farm ponds and the development of water conservation plans for 100 villages. The current year’s focus is on promoting climate-smart agriculture to empower local female farmers as changemakers in the field.

This partnership not only addresses environmental concerns but also fosters community empowerment, paving the way for a sustainable and food-secure future in India.