igus Showcases 168 Tribo Innovations At Its 2021 Motion Plastics Show

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 | 357 Views

The real-life/virtual trade show invites visitors to use high-performance polymers to improve their moving applications

More new products, product extensions and digital offerings than ever before: the 2021 “igus Motion Plastics Show” is opening digitally. Visitors can look forward to 168 innovations from all departments – from telescopic robot tube packages to dry-running ball bearings with 21 times the standard service life to large scale 3D printing.

Since the beginning of May 2020, the stand has been located in an exhibition hall in Cologne Porz-Lind, where it was recognised with the iF Design Award. The new igus motion plastics show (imps) for 2021 is now beginning. “We are in our second year without trade shows”, says igus CEO Frank Blase. “This time we can start the presentation of our new products at full digital speed.” The new trade show stand has been optimised based on experience gained in virtual customer consultation and tours last year. Solutions for various industries can be seen in a separate area: the space-saving and telescopic triflex TRX system for 3D energy supply on robots as well as the wound high-load bearing iglidur TX2 for construction machinery. The issue of plastics sustainability is now even more visible and is given a central position at the trade show.


Physical/virtual trade show stand with 168 motion plastics innovations

Overall, 168 product innovations from igus departments will be presented at the trade show, which takes up 400 square meters. For instance, the lightweight drygear cobot gear set for cost-effective automation will be exhibited, as will the iglidur I151 tribo-filament for FDA-compliant, detectable wear-resistant parts for food technology. The orange trade show stand has now hosted 55,000 visitors from all over the world, since its virtual twin is freely accessible. Another 16,000 visitors have also taken advantage of the offer of a digital visit with igus specialists. “We would normally have been represented at 222 trade shows and conventions last year, but we only made a total of 26”, says Blase. “So we are very happy that the imps has become a fixed part of daily communication with customers.” The real/virtual trade show stand is an important component of a digital igus concept that allows users to find the right lubrication-free, maintenance-free motion plastics for their specific requirements even faster. For instance, machine design and tutorials can be completed virtually with igus consultants, online seminars from the online seminar studio provide additional assistance, and the interactive digital catalogue variant also provides additional information with access to white papers, blog articles and explanatory videos.


Explore the igus Motion Plastics Show at www.igus.eu/imps