IFT18: Generation-Z Set To Impact The Future Of Food And Drink Innovation

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 | 844 Views

Presented on 16 July 2018 at IFT18, Mintel reveals how the diverse and tech-savvy Generation-Z is set to transform food and beverage (F&B) formulation in upcoming years.

Generation-Z* has potential to reset expectations for health and wellness, increase the reach of international cuisine and heighten creativity in the kitchen, according to the latest research from Mintel.

“Younger members of Generation-Z follow their parents’ healthy ways and health-consciousness—increasingly as they approach adulthood. Health is multi-faceted, suggesting that better-for-you formulations can be expanded to provide options that fit their ever-changing diet priorities,” said Dana Macke, Mintel’s Associate Director, Lifestyles and Leisure Reports.

Parents are raising their children to have broader palates. Generation-Z is cultivating an appreciation for international cuisine from a young age, as 36% of US parents of children under age 18 agree that their kids enjoy eating international foods.

“These adventurous habits are creating opportunities across categories of products. While restaurants remain the most common discovery points for international cuisine, more opportunities for authentic and hybrid flavours are created,” said Jenny Zegler, Associate Director, Mintel Food & Drink.

Interest in international cuisine goes beyond commonplace varieties like Italian and Chinese. Besides interest in eating at international restaurants like Indian (36%), Middle Eastern (38%) or African (27%), adult Gen Z consumers are more likely to find culinary inspiration from social media.

Also, 80% of Gen-Z consumers under age 18 say their hobbies/interests are as important as schoolwork. 36% of consumers aged 10-17 and 31% of those aged 18-22 believe that being creative is important to being successful as an adult—highlighting an opportunity for F&B brands to offer do-it-yourself experiences, helping Gen-Z be creative and confident in the kitchen.

“This younger generation’s easy access to technology and interest in being creative present an opening for interactive products, encouraging Gen Z to safely experiment and extend their passion for F&B,” concluded Zegler.

*Also known as the iGeneration, aged 11-23 in 2018