Health-Conscious Consumers Want Easier-To-Read Label Information

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 | 634 Views

A majority (67 percent) of consumers are looking for easy to understand information on their products, as seen in a global survey by TNS, commissioned by GNT Group, which quizzed 5,175 consumers about their attitudes towards packaged and processed food.

Over half of that majority (36 percent of respondents) fall into the ‘busy health seekers’ category, and the rise of this group is a result of increasingly hectic lifestyles with irregular eating habits, but growing emphasis on healthy eating.

The report noted that “due to a hectic life with no regular eating habits, members of this group like their meals to be easy and convenient. Nonetheless, they place great value on healthy food and look for products without artificial additives — particularly synthetic colourants.”

Consumers were found to spend less than six seconds studying the package on average while shopping. Easy ingredient information on labels which can be quickly understood is therefore vital in grabbing consumer attention despite busy schedules.

“As time is short, busy health seekers wish to see short, easy to understand ingredient information in order to quickly find out what’s inside their foods,” the report added.

Besides the busy health seekers set, shoppers were categorised as conscious health seekers (15 percent), caring parent or role model (12 percent), budget and basic shoppers (15 percent) and convenience seekers (22 percent).

Conscious health seekers and parents were more mindful of their own and children’s’ wellbeing by being more aware of what they put in their trolley, while budget and basics and convenience shoppers were more concerned with cost and ease of preparation rather than nutritional value.

Shoppers were also found to be increasingly savvy, making it vital for manufacturers to select desirable ingredients and to position their products as trustworthy and credible.