Grow Asia Launches Digital Directory To Accelerate The Adoption Of Agriculture Digital Solutions

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 | 1643 Views

The first publicly-available service of its kind, the Directory features over 60 agri-tech solutions available in the ASEAN region.

Grow Asia has launched an online directory (the ‘Digital Directory’) of agri-tech solutions available in South East Asia. The Digital Directory features over 60 solutions in the region which can help improve smallholder agriculture supply chains, including farmer training, supply chain intelligence, traceability and financing solutions. Between the solutions currently listed, they reach around 2.5 million farmers in the region, or about three percent of smallholder households.

The Digital Directory was created following consultations with Grow Asia’s network of agricultural stakeholders, who identified a need for easier visibility of digital solutions. The goal is to encourage the adoption of these solutions within South East Asia’s agriculture sector for the benefit of smallholders. Designed with users in mind, the Digital Directory is built on an online platform and is free to use.

Issac Jeffries, Consultant and Advisor for Social Enteprises said, “The Digital Directory lists interesting and innovative agri-tech solutions that are gaining traction in Asia. It is a practical solution as any agribusiness, investor, funder, donor or aid organisation can easily access the directory to identify groups that are doing great work rather than reinventing the wheel.”

Grow Asia is committed to helping South East Asia’s agriculture sector unlock the potential of innovative solutions. The partnership platform is investing in several initiatives and developing tools to enhance the efficiency of food production in the region while improving the lives of smallholder farmers.

Paul Voutier, Director for Knowledge and Innovation, Grow Asia said, “We believe that digital solutions are critical to addressing many of the challenges we see in agriculture in the region. We look forward to the directory becoming a go-to resource for investors and agribusinesses in digitising smallholder value chains.