Grab And Yummy Corp Partner To Help Food And Beverage Entrepreneurs Scale Up In Indonesia

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 | 802 Views

Grab has partnered with Yummy CorpCorp to empower food and beverage (F&B) entrepreneurs to scale up and expand across Indonesia. The partnership provides support for food businesses to open new virtual restaurants within a combined and growing network of over 80 cloud kitchens operated by both companies. It also aims to support food businesses in creating new food concepts to be offered on GrabFood.

By bringing together GrabFood’s strengths in food delivery and Yummy Corp’s expertise in food operations management, F&B businesses can access support to pilot and launch new delivery-only brands and outlets on GrabFood across Indonesia.

This partnership expands the scope of merchant services offered by both companies, which now spans location scouting and selection, kitchen set up and operation, menu design and food production, marketing and on-demand delivery, and more.

“We saw a substantial increase in active F&B outlets on GrabFood in Dec 2020 compared to Jan 2020. Bringing these businesses onto our platform is only the first step. We want to help them develop and access digital capabilities to further grow their business in the digital economy. Our partnership with Yummy Corp not only enables us to more comprehensively support food businesses in their expansion journey, but also opens up more opportunities for entrepreneurs to test new menus and concepts to stay ahead of food trends,” said Neneng Goenadi, Country Managing Director Grab Indonesia. “We hope that by empowering merchants to innovate on our platform, we can create delightful and differentiated dining experiences for our customers.”

“Yummy Corp’s mission is to enable F&B entrepreneurs to grow in the new digital landscape by providing fully-managed expansion solutions through cloud kitchens,” said Mario Suntanu, CEO of Yummy Corp. “We are excited to see this partnership with Grab take this shared mission to the next level, where expansion speed, food quality, and customer satisfaction will always be the main focus.”

The Grab x Yummy Corp partnership builds on Grab’s commitment to support digital transformation of businesses by providing essential tools, merchant services and training programmes. The partnership covers three key areas:

  • Cloud kitchen and virtual restaurant expansion: Grab and Yummy Corp plans to set up more cloud kitchens in Indonesia. The two companies today operate over 80 cloud kitchens across 7 Indonesian cities. Through Grab’s data insights and Yummy Corps’ food operations management capabilities, both companies plan to seek out opportunities to expand its cloud kitchen network and help F&Bs break into new locations and cities, and quickly scale their business.
  • Bring Yummy Corp’s partnering merchants onto GrabFood: Grab plans to bring Yummy Corp’s cloud kitchen merchants onto GrabFood, connecting them to a large base of Grab customers and a reliable on-demand delivery network. Yummy Corp’s merchants will have access to Grab’s features such as ‘mix-and-match’ where consumers can order from multiple merchants in a single receipt, and benefit from greater cross-sell opportunities. Grab plans to provide marketing support and tools to help Yummy Corp’s merchant-partners make the most out of the Grab platform. Through this collaboration, Grab customers can enjoy an expanded selection of restaurants and food options.
  • Encourage F&B innovation in Indonesia: Both companies plan to foster the development of the local F&B industry through brand and chef collaborations. Grab and Yummy Corp plan to work with F&B entrepreneurs to create new F&B concepts, test them on the GrabFood platform, and eventually scale them across its cloud kitchen network. This approach enables F&B entrepreneurs to take a data-driven approach to experiment and test new concepts in the real-world, with minimal upfront costs.


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