Global Food Partners Opens Stakeholder Consultation On Cage-Free Reporting Platform

Friday, March 19th, 2021 | 1340 Views

The platform will help food corporations more efficiently report and communicate their progress on cage-free egg pledges

Global Food Partners, a Singapore-based supply chain consulting firm, invites stakeholders globally to provide feedback on its newly-developed global platform, designed to help food businesses report on their cage-free egg commitment progress.

A growing number of food and hospitality companies around the world have committed to sourcing exclusively cage-free eggs, and they are proactively seeking to report and communicate their progress to key stakeholders, including investors, civil societies, and consumers, through a standardised reporting system. In response to this need, Global Food Partners is launching a centralised reporting platform and is seeking feedback from different stakeholders.

This platform is being developed in line with the principles for effective reporting, as laid out by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the United Nations Guiding Principles Reporting Framework (UNGP RF).

This platform will help food companies:

  • Generate greater transparency and visibility on their progress and efforts towards fulfilling cage-free goals
  • Save time and resources spent responding to multiple requests for cage-free egg policy implementation progress, as reporting is completed on a centralised and streamlined system
  • Track, benchmark and analyse their own performance and progress over time
  • Facilitate peer benchmarking by providing standardised metrics for reporting

Elissa Lane, Chief Executive Officer of Global Food Partners, stated: “Food businesses are committed to fulfilling their cage-free goals and have expressed a need for a standardised reporting system. We’re thrilled to announce the development of this new global reporting platform. Businesses will be able to more efficiently report their progress and communicate positive actions they’re taking on their journeys to cage-free supply chains. Incorporating inputs from multiple stakeholders is key to this project’s success, and we look forward to receiving feedback.”

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