Givaudan Expands Flavour Innovation Centre In Singapore

Thursday, November 24th, 2016 | 639 Views

The CHF5 million (US$4.91 million) investment enhances the flavour and fragrance company’s capabilities to innovate in the Asia Pacific region.

The Flavour Innovation Centre (FIC) is home to the Asia Pacific (APAC) campus of the Givaudan Flavour School, which is training the next generation of flavourists in the region, and the APAC Academy which supports continuous learning.

The expanded centre in Singapore will include a new fully integrated culinary space for concept development, as well as new and expanded savoury, bakery, confectionery, beverage and dairy facilities to serve all market sectors.

The investment enhances Givaudan’s innovation capabilities in APAC, facilitating a regional focus on applied innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing, to complement the company’s global network. Within the FIC, flavourists will leverage the latest ingredients and technologies to develop holistic customer solutions that can go straight to the market.

Givaudan chief executive officer, Gilles Andrier, said: “The expansion of the Singapore Flavour Innovation Centres supports our 2020 strategy of investment in high growth markets, and builds on our recent developments in Nantong (China), Karachi (Pakistan) and Pune (India).”

These new facilities mean the company is better able to address regional trends such as the needs of a middle class concerned with health and wellness but without wanting to compromise on taste.

Expanded capacity in Singapore will enable greater collaboration and innovation with customers to meet their needs, and those of a growing mass market with a desire for quality products with natural ingredients.