German Packaging Award: Importance Of Innovation In the Packaging Industry

Thursday, May 28th, 2020 | 772 Views

While Corona is shaking up the world, the packaging industry continues to ensure that vital goods reach people and companies despite the pandemic and difficult conditions. This achievement would not be possible without the many innovations that the industry has developed in recent years and over the decades.

Achievements that the German Packaging Award, under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, rightly puts centre stage. Companies from Germany and abroad have until 15 June 2020 to submit their recent solutions – and stand out from the rest throughout next year’s trade fairs with a Gold Award trophy or winner’s certificate.

“The German Packaging Award is the largest European exhibition celebrating the successes and innovative achievements of the industry. It puts the best solutions centre stage, regardless of material and segment, and honours them. It’s not just the “big ticket” idea that counts; the seemingly small detail can also be just as worthy. It is very much worthwhile focusing on packaging and its performance right now,” says Dr. Bettina Horenburg, board member with overall responsibility for the German Packaging Award at the organiser, the German Packaging Institute (dvi), and Director of Corporate Communications of the Siegwerk Group.

“Although the current situation demands a lot from companies, we should not lose sight of research and innovation in this field. After all, we are all dealing intensively with issues such as sustainability, digitisation and new technologies in our response to crisis situations and, of course, far beyond. We want to anchor innovations here in Europe in order to be able to react appropriately to challenges in areas such as climate and environmental protection, but also to issues such as security of supply. (…) We will also need packaging moving forward into the future. It is currently crucial in food and medicine distribution, as well as for many other products. Innovative products remain in demand,” said Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy and patron of the German Packaging Award in his welcome address.

And Bettina Horenburg is convinced that the German Packaging Award is exactly the right stage for this: “We have made the Packaging Award even more attractive this year with special awards in the “Sustainability” and “Young Talent” competition categories and with a brand‐new tenth “Digitisation” competition category. I encourage all companies in the value chain from Europe to submit their innovations and recent solutions. The trophies the winners of the Gold Award will receive, and the certificates presented to the winners of the Packaging Award, are not only a clear sign of innovative strength towards customers, suppliers, employees and the competition, they will also ensure a promotional shine at their stands at next year’s trade fairs.”


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