Gebo Cermex Launches CoboAccess_Pal: An Industrial, Safe And Easy-To-Use Cobotic Palletising Solution

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 | 1345 Views

Leveraging the advantages offered by cobotic solutions in terms of compactness and flexibility, Gebo Cermex is introducing CoboAccess_Pal. This robust cobotic palletiser is particularly suited for low-speed applications and underlines the company’s commitment to help producers embrace Industry 4.0 opportunities.

Collaborative robotics advance production line efficiency and reliability by improving working conditions and allowing operators to handle tasks with higher added value in a safe working environment. It also minimises mistake rates due to high automation.

Today, collaborative robotics, or cobotics in short, is a popular topic in the automation and manufacturing world because of its obvious advantages: these new solutions are easy to install and operate in tight production environments, since the collaborative mode is safe for human interactions and lets manufacturers build cells without physical fences around the machines.

Designed to handle Regular Slotted Container (RSC) and wrap-around blanks and to complement low-speed production lines, CoboAccess_Pal embeds Gebo Cermex’s high safety and industrial standards. This ultra-compact, fenceless palletising cell is designed to perfectly match the needs of very demanding production environments, where reliability is key.

A Safe Industrial Solution

Giorgio Rocca, palletising and de-palletising product manager at Gebo Cermex, comments on the launch: “CoboAccess_Pal is a reliable and robust solution thanks to an industrial automation platform based on the combination of personal computer and programmable logic controller.”

“These two interfaces ensure precise, better-controlled cobot trajectories, leading to greater pallet quality and stability, instrumental for smooth pallet transportation through the supply chain. Additionally, they allow for immediate restarting of the machine in case of potential problems or emergency stops, and as such, minimise downtime,” Rocca adds.

This automation platform contributes to maximum operator protection and total care of products, as case handling is always performed above the conveyor or the pallet station, which ensures that cases never fall on the floor or on working staff.

To minimise risks for operators, CoboAccess_Pal’s gripping tool is composed of foam to soften its surfaces when in contact with workers and to prevent injuries during maintenance interventions.

Rocca continues, “As the world becomes more automated and the number of companies working towards zero accident standards rapidly increases, we are pleased to see that the extreme safety of our CoboAccess_Pal has also been objectively certified. All of that is in addition to the equipment’s full compliance with European Machinery Directive 20006/42/EC.”

Connected And User-Friendly Technology For Maximum Uptime

In addition to its high safety standards, CoboAccess_Pal maximises uptime through connectivity and a high level of intelligence. The cobotic palletising cell includes the new Gebo Cermex user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) based on an intuitive tablet approach navigation.

Available via the HMI, the Pal Designer configuration and simulation tool allows full pallet management with the possibility to modify, simulate and create patterns autonomously in less than two minutes.

For enhanced maintainability, Standard Operating Procedure and One Point Lesson functionalities are all accessible via the HMI to facilitate assistance for operators, trouble-shooting and root cause analysis.

Compact And Mobile For Greater Production Efficiency

Due to its ultra-compact, fenceless cell and the flexible layout that can be customised according to specific site constraints, the solution features an optimised footprint. Designed with ease-of-use, ease-of-installation and ease-of-configuration in mind, CoboAccess_Pal can be quickly implemented by the operator onto another line due to its Plug & Play features.

The entire palletising cell is easily adaptable and portable, so that it can be moved from one line to another effortlessly with a manual pallet jack—making the whole production installation more automatic, flexible, and ultimately more efficient.