GEA's Hermetically Sealed Control Valve Extends Shelf-Life

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 | 822 Views

GEA’s Hermetically Sealed Control Valve Extends Shelf-Life is expanding its D-tec valve line with the new GEA D-tec P/DV control valve for ultraclean applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries. This allows reliable control of process parameters such as volume flow, pressure, temperature and filling level of a vessel. Due to the hermetically sealing D-tec stem diaphragm, the valve achieves a higher standard of hygiene. For example, it helps ensure product safety in beer mixes and soft drinks, fruit juices, milk-based and lactic acid-fermented products or even sauces, and contributes to a longer minimum product shelf-life as is often demanded by the market.

Longer shelf-life, less preservatives

The P/DV type D-tec control valve uses hermetically sealed D-tec stem diaphragms. These provide improved contamination protection against the atmosphere and thus ensure microbial stability of the product throughout the entire process. While the D-tec valve line can be used in aseptic processes, GEA sees the application of the new control valve primarily for ultraclean applications. The control valves are selected for products that require an extended shelf-life, with or without cooling, depending on the pH value, cold chain and storage characteristics. These products include iced tea, fruit juice, fruit yoghurt and ESL milk.

Pascal Bär, product manager for aseptic valves at GEA, adds: “Durability is important to the consumer, but not at any price. Today’s consumers are very sensitive to the topic of preservatives. Ultraclean processing is beneficial here because it helps to achieve the desired shelf-life of a product with less preservatives. As part of a customized process chain, our new D-tec P/DV valve control valve takes manufacturers this one step further.”


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