FrieslandCampina Ingredients Launches Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder For Cheese Tea

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 | 1615 Views

With cheese tea becoming increasingly popular among consumers, FrieslandCampina Ingredients Food & Beverages is launching a unique milk cap powder for an indulgent layer on beverages. As its name suggests, this milk cap powder can be used to create a delectable creamy layer on top of a variety of drinks and even desserts in an instant. Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder promises to pave the way for a range of attractive drinks which are easy to prepare, have Instagrammable looks and an irresistible texture and taste. With just one Kievit product, there can now be several exciting drinks on the menu that will keep consumers returning for more.


In sync with global trends

The trend “personalise it yourself conveniently” has been around for a while now – it was one of the three major trends identified in FrieslandCampina Ingredients Food & Beverages’ recently launched Trend Report – and consumers and producers worldwide are keen on continuing this trend together. Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder caters to the trend by encouraging the proliferation of unique and diverse drinks and desserts with a signature finish.

A milk cap made with Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder can be topped off with nearly everything, allowing consumers to opt for personalised options in their favourite foodservice outlets. The distinctive features of this powder include the option of blending it with either milk or water. It can be added to both hot and cold beverages and, depending on the desired appearance, one can choose between having a clean distinctive top foam layer or a blended “latte” effect. Not limited to beverages alone, the powder mix can provide a variety of texture and mouthfeel to tea, coffee, chocolate and fruit drinks – and even desserts, allowing producers to create an exciting menu that keeps consumers coming back over and over again.

Consumers today, especially millennials and Generation Z, crave a multi-sensory experience for each act of consumption: first and foremost, they want food and drinks to have an appealing look. For a market that is dominated by those who are enthusiastic about sharing their experience online through blogs, vlogs, and Instagram posts, indulging these demands is essential. As this milk cap powder helps enhance both the taste and the look of popular drinks and desserts, it promises to be instrumental in inspiring the experiences that consumers appreciate.

Looking ahead at the future of food and trends, Tracy Joy Fortu, segment marketeer Foodservice at FrieslandCampina Ingredients Food & Beverages, reiterates the importance of personalisation when it comes to beverages today. “If variety is the spice of life, it is personalisation that will keep the millennials and Generation Z coming back for more. For example, adding different sprinkles, syrups or sweet marshmallows to a beverage allows consumers to match their drink to their mood and ring the changes every day. And now, you have a milk cap as yet another exciting option.”


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