Food And Drink Texture Rising As Central Feature In Product Launches

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 | 1169 Views

One-fifth (20 percent) of food and drink launches in Europe in 2017 had a texture description, up from 17 percent the previous year, according to market intelligence company Mintel.

Europe has featured the largest share of global food and drink launches with texture descriptions since January 2016. Markets in Asia Pacific saw accounted for 14 percent of global new food and drink products with texture claims in 2017.

Katya Witham, global food and drink analyst at Mintel, explained: “Texture has a particular opportunity to follow the lead of colour (of food and drink), which has become an increasingly popular feature in food and drink formulations that aim to allure more of the senses. While colour will continue to be important, texture is the next facet of formulation that provides consumers with interactive and social media worthy experiences.”

Interest in such products is evident across Europe, a sizable proportion of European consumers is open to trying unusual textures: 37 percent of Spanish, 36 percent of Polish, 26 percent of French and 22 percent of German and Italian (respectively) consumers say they would like to try food and drink products with unusual textures.

“Products that appeal to multiple senses can provide consumers with escapes from the routine and stress of life, opportunities to make memories and generate share-worthy social media posts. The sound, feel and satisfaction provided by texture make it a trend to watch in 2018 and beyond,” concluded Ms Witham.