FHA-Food & Beverage Spotlights Tech Innovation And Industry Transformation In New FoodTech Zone

Monday, January 13th, 2020 | 1144 Views

From novel farming methods to connected kitchens, the technological and investment potential in the food tech space has grown dynamically in recent years. In Singapore, the government, in building a food tech startup ecosystem as part of the nation’s plan to become an innovation hub for Asian food and agriculture sectors, is encouraging companies, from food and beverage corporations, to agri-food entrepreneurs and start-ups to invest in the development of innovative solutions from food production to distribution.

To showcase local capabilities and set an exemplary model for the industry in the region, the new FoodTech Zone at the upcoming FHA-Food & Beverage, held 31 March to 3 April 2020 at Singapore Expo will underline best-of-breed agriculture and food innovations that have been making waves across and beyond Singapore.

Visitors at the FoodTech Zone will get to see latest innovations in agri-tech, aqua-tech, food science, process, packaging and automation technologies, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, transport storage, logistics, sustainable packaging and food waste, from exhibitors such as BioPak Sustainable Solutions, Detpak Packaging, D-Logic Refrigeration, Epromas International, Japan Seiko Glass, Mill Powder Tech, Multivac, Newtech Machinery, SEPA Korea Corp and TUV SUD PSB, amongst others.

Beyond the exhibits, visitors can stay on to catch additional features such as specialised showcases and seminars to keep engaged throughout. These features include:


  • FoodTech 4.0 Pavilion – showcasing the leading products and services for digitalisation, automation, aquaculture, sustainability, food waste, urban farming and more. Also housed within is the Dreamcatcher Theatre, a creative seminar space for thought leaders from Feed9B, GS1, Impossible Foods, Sustenir, The Good Food Institute, WWF and many others to share their insights and perspectives on agri-tech, blockchain, food tech, investments, start-up ecosystem and market opportunities for the industry.
  • FoodTech Start-up Village – Located within the FoodTech 4.0 Pavilion, the FoodTech Start-Up Village is a community gathering of innovative and cutting-edge solution providers supported by venture capitalists such as AgFunder, Atlas Ventures, Big Idea Ventures, DSG Consumer Partners, GROW and Innovate360, among others. These young entrepreneurs will get to network with the pioneers in the food tech space and will be invited to pitch new ideas to a panel of experts on the Pitching Floor.
  • NYP Learning Studio – Aimed at promoting continuous learning and reskilling, the NYP Learning Studio will focus on developing manpower capabilities, enhancing skills and competencies, and improving productivity for the food & hospitality sector.


“With the accelerated need for countries and regions in Asia to produce enough food in order to sustain rising populations, comes the demand for new and innovative ways to produce food locally, and preferably in an environmental-friendly way. In Asia we have already witnessed some instances of sustainable food production and packaging, and the new FoodTech Zone is therefore designed with the sole purpose of underlining some of the recent innovations and best practices by the industry for our attendees at FHA-Food & Beverage,” said Mr. Martyn Cox, Event Director, FHA-Food & Beverage.


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