Fewer Australian Beef Exports To The US

Friday, May 13th, 2016 | 602 Views

US, one of Australia’s key beef markets, has taken 34 percent less beef for the first quarter of the year.

From January to March, the US took 69,611 tonnes of chilled and frozen beef down from the 105,658 tonnes it took in the same period last year. Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has deemed “a challenging outlook” for cattle for the manufacturing beef market this year.

Ben Thomas, MLA market information manager said that US beef production was expected to grow this year, producing 4 percent more beef than last year to lift production to 11.13 million tonnes. “The heavy/manufacturing end of the cattle market will continue to be challenged by the softening US market, growing global beef exports and the Australian dollar in 2016,” Mr Thomas said.

“For these reasons in particular, it is important for Australia to foster the integrity systems in place to ensure sustained market access and to keep in front of the competitors on safety and quality attributes,” he added.

Mr Thomas said other factors had also put pressure on the Australian beef market, including the rising Australian dollar, growing export competition from countries including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and India, as well as dry weather across many beef producing regions locally.