Excessive Consumption Of Soft Drinks Can Increase The Risk Of Death

Monday, September 16th, 2019 | 1349 Views

Another study has yet again highlighted the health risk of soft drinks consumption. This new study found that people who drink more than two, eight ounce glasses of fizzy beverages a day—artificially-sweetened or sugar-sweetened, were associated with greater risk of death. The population-based cohort study was conducted among 451,743 individuals from 10 European countries and their health were monitored for 18 years.

Consumption of artificially-sweetened soft drinks were closely related to deaths from circulatory diseases, while consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks were closely related to deaths from digestive diseases. However, as with other observational studies, the results do not demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between soft drinks and the higher risk of early death.

The researchers concluded that the “results of the study appear to support ongoing public health measures to reduce the consumption of soft drinks”. In efforts to reduce excessive consumption of sugar, governments across Southeast Asia like Thailand and Philippines have imposed taxes on sugary products including soft drinks. These policies have also encouraged beverage manufacturers to reformulate their products to appeal to the health-conscious consumers.


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