ProPak Asia 2024 @ Bangkok 12–15 June

Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 | 1449 Views

ProPak Asia 2024 @ Bangkok 12–15 June The 31st International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia


ProPak Asia 2024: Empowering the Processing and Packaging Sectors Through Innovation & Investment

ProPak Asia 2024 will feature cutting-edge, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for various industries, including food & beverage, agriculture, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods).  
The event serves as a unique platform for a dynamic and diverse community of industry experts, who will come together every year to exchange knowledge on materials & machine technology sourcing, product & financial consultancy, and market trends. There will also be ample opportunities to forge valuable partnerships at ProPak Asia 2024.  

8 Industry-focused Zones

ProPak Asia 2024 will feature 8 industry-focused zones, showcasing various products & innovations.  
The processing tech exhibits will address a major challenge faced by food producers: the ever-changing demands of consumers. Food products are likely to increase in variety, which will shorten the product life cycle in the market. Additionally, products must be customised to meet individual demands. Automation can help food manufacturers produce products efficiently in today's complex production process. It also provides the flexibility to produce a diverse range of products with higher quality and stricter food safety standards.  
The packaging industry in Asia is experiencing rapid growth, with several trends emerging to meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses. Among these trends, one of the most significant is the shift towards sustainable packaging solutions, driven by increasing consumer concerns about the environmental impact of packaging materials. and governments in several countries have implemented strict regulations on single-use plastics to encourage this transition. The packaging tech exhibitors will showcase the latest packaging machine and innovations from leading companies.  
A platform for beverage & brewing enthusiasts, beverage industry players can explore pathways to success here. Rapid urbanisation and increasing disposable income of consumers are two factors leading to the expansion of the beverage market, which is expected to reach USD 1.9 trillion in 2021 with a CAGR of 3.0%. Asia is seeing the highest growth rate in the global beverage market, dominating two-thirds of total forecasted market growth over the next three years. There will be opportunities abound for drink manufacturers, which also means stiffer competition for capturing market shares.  

These exhibits will encompass all aspects of the packaging industry from upstream to downstream. Visitors can explore various traditional as well as innovative alternative materials such as wood, seaweed, cloth, sugarcane and polymers. Don't miss out on great seminar topics such as:

  • Packaging Material Selection
  • Paper Material — quality and tolerance level for fat
  • Sustainable Packaging Design
  • Glass and Metal — Sustainable choices
For more information on the other industry zones, click here.  

Join us at ProPak Asia 2024, unlock your business potential, and stay at the forefront of the manufacturing industry.


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