Emerging Snack Trends Delivered By Heat And Control’s Innovations

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 | 1755 Views

Emerging snack trends are being driven by crossover trends in convenience, health, protein and better-for-you options and technology is paving the way for these snacks of the future. High fat, high sugar and empty calories are out, and consumers are demanding healthier and value-added snack options and are more aware than ever of what’s in their food, where it comes from, and how it’s made.

In response to this demand, manufacturing companies are releasing new technologies and adapting existing ones in order to deliver better manufacturing processes and to allow food producers to work with new and healthier ingredients.

In the Asian marketplace, popular snacks such as potato and vegetable chips, coated nuts, namkeen and meat snacks are now being processed with new technologies and innovative new manufacturing equipment.

Safety-focused processors have already implemented technology to protect their customers from the harmful effects of acrylamide. They are manufacturing potato chips using cutting edge processing methods such as PEF (Pulsed Electric Field), which is used to treat potatoes prior to processing in order to reduce acrylamide and is delivered via a patent protected E-FLO Electroporation System.


Low Acrylamide Potato Chips via Electroporation

The E-FLO removes reducing sugars and asparagine to reduce acrylamide formation in potato chips

Using the E-FLO’s cutting-edge electroporation technique, a short-burst electrical charge is sent through vegetables on a cellular level which perforates the outer membrane of the cell walls. This novel technique allows greater permeability of cells in vegetables without damaging the tissue or increasing temperatures. Individual cells receive the PEF pulse that gently causes perforation in the cell wall.

The E-FLO’s patent-protected process allows sugars, and asparagine amino acids to be released prior to cooking.  Frying can then be done at reduced temperatures and for shorter dwell times – reducing acrylamide levels by over 50 percent and making the end product much healthier for consumers.


Rotary Drum Roasting for Nuts or Meat Snacks

The Rotary Dryer Roaster (RDR) is a multizone convection system that provides gentle, continuous drying/roasting and can produce optimal and uniform results for ready-to-eat meat snack products such as meat sticks and jerky.

Equipment such as the Rotary Drum Roaster (RDR) gives operators the ability to enhance nut products during the roasting or dying process and gives full control over roasting or drying process variables which allows them to enhance the finished products’ colour, flavour, and texture.

This type of design handles raw product in a continuous, high-density manner through a unique flighted drum that ensures positive motion.  Featuring a unique drum design that facilitates continuous first-in-first-out product flow and independent fans and burners in multiple convection zones, which provides complete process control which can be tailored to better-for-you products.

This equipment can also be used in the production of Beef Jerky. High in protein and convenient, meat snacks are also a product that continues to gain popularity as a healthy snack option.

Packed with many nutrients, protein and good fats, Beef Jerky’s low carb and low sugar status makes it keto friendly further adding to status as a healthy snacking option.


Adding Nutritional Value With Food Seasoning and Coating

Coating systems can be used to add nutritional value to snacks in products such as coated nuts. Healthy ingredients can be easily added to existing recipes, a great example of this is savory coated nuts with high protein/legume type coating or nuts with yoghurt coating.

Innovation in coating equipment allows the ability to apply consistent, uniform application of both liquid and dry seasonings. They offer accurately metered and sprayed liquids and precisely measured dry powders which provide reliable and even seasoning coverage.

Coating options and flavour combinations are almost limitless.  With new exploration in nutritionally healthy coating flavours and finishes, the snack industry is now unlocking new favourites.


Multipurpose Frying Systems for Complex Snack Product Ranges

Years of development working closely with the South Asian snack market has resulted in a “multi-purpose” frying system suitable for processing the majority of raw materials making up the complex healthy snack product range of Namkeen.

Extrusion technology enables numerous products to be made and includes various types of Bhujia and Boondi. With clever formulations and recipes of legume types or dough ingredients the characteristics and flavour of the final product is enhanced.

Seasoning is an obvious area where manufacturers can be creative and design endless number of products by adjusting the proportions of the legume, the cooking technique and the flavours added.

As the snack market recovers and emerges from the impact of COVID, snack manufacturers will be able to maintain and achieve success by tapping further into the healthy snack segment and meeting the demand for healthier snack options.


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