Ecolean Packages Receives Recognition For Recyclability In South Korea

Monday, October 19th, 2020 | 1488 Views

South Korea’s Ministry of Environment has recognised the recyclability of Ecolean’s aseptic packages, which rank higher than most other food and drink packaging solutions in the country’s new recyclability grading system. The absence of aluminium, which is often used for aseptic cartons and other liquid food packaging, means Ecolean’s portfolio ranked ‘good’ in a four-grade scale to determine how easily packages can be recycled.

The announcement follows South Korea’s introduction last December of the Act on the Promotion of Saving and Recycling of Resources, requiring food and beverage packaging to contain labels that show a material’s recyclability grade, thereby encouraging resource efficiency and the use of easy-to-recycle packages. A nine-month grace period for businesses to comply with the new regulations ends this September.


Aluminium-Free Packaging

Ecolean’s lightweight portfolio consists of aseptic, flexible packaging made from polyolefins and up to 35 percent chalk, which gives the packages their strength, stiffness and smooth surface.

The printed, shaped and fully sealed packages are sterilised using electron beam treatment before shipping to the filling machine at the customer’s site. Prior to opening, filling and sealing in the filling machines, the outer surfaces of the packages are resterilised using a system of one percent peroxide spray and UV light.

“The fact that our type of sterilisation process is separated from the filling machines and performed at the Ecolean manufacturing plants is quite unique in the industry and something we are very proud of. It makes the process easier for our customers, and that as well as having sustainability in mind when designing our lightweight packaging solutions is key. The confirmed recyclability of our packages in South Korea just further adds to the fact that our unique approach is crucial for the beverage, dairy and liquid food industry,” said Paul Mellbin, Senior Advisor, Ambient Technology at Ecolean.


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