DrinkAid Announces New Strategic Advisor & Targets International Expansion In 2022

Monday, March 14th, 2022 | 1462 Views

Singapore-based startup DrinkAid announces Andrew Li, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zouk Group, as an advisor to further propel the homegrown’s brand identity and expansion in key markets.

Building on its momentum, DrinkAid is looking to enhance its offerings to provide users with a more wholesome drinking experience and is planning to venture into new markets in 2022.

Since its launch in August 2020, DrinkAid has sold over 30,000 units with a more than 200% increase in year-on-year sales. The strategic alliance with Andrew and the Zouk Group is expected to amplify DrinkAid’s brand awareness and make it more accessible to consumers.

Andrew Li has been steering the ship as CEO since 2016 and is one of the masterminds who put Singapore on the global map for nightlife by making it a personal mission to establish Zouk as a global-lifestyle destination.

“DrinkAid was introduced to Andrew through a mutual friend who is a devout believer and user of the supplements. Both Zouk and DrinkAid are similar as they both aspire to make drinking more enjoyable, be it in terms of creating the perfect atmosphere or making sure there are no nasty repercussions from alcohol consumption”, said Solomon Poon, Co-Founder of DrinkAid.

Photo Courtesy Of DrinkAid

Commenting on Andrew’s role as an advisor, Ryan Foo, Co-Founder of DrinkAid said, “Andrew’s foresight and business acumen have also been very helpful in steering us in the right direction. We tap on his experience and expertise from time to time especially when it comes to industry collaborations to further amplify the reach of our supplements. Andrew’s connections have also been a cornerstone in our expansion plan”.

The DrinkAid recent campaign with Here Kitty Kitty, the concept bar by the Zouk Group, was well-received among Zouk patrons who were offered free festive cocktails for their purchase of the DrinkAid supplements. The promotion did not only see an increase in footfall for the bar but also increased the number of first-time triers of DrinkAid.

“DrinkAid has grown into a dominant force within a short span of time and I look forward to being a part of the brand’s climb to being the number one contender for hangover pills not just in Singapore but worldwide. My involvement and investment in the company reflect the faith I have in the product and its potential to shake up one’s alcohol consumption and habits, similar to how Zouk has been a game changer for nightlife and entertainment. As we look to slowly open up to more social gatherings and events in 2022, I am positive that DrinkAid will garner more visibility and growth not just in the region, but all target markets”, said Andrew Li, CEO of Zouk Group.

The pioneering nightlife brand has recently expanded into the United States of America (U.S.) market which opens up more opportunities for DrinkAid in terms of exposure and market penetration. DrinkAid is also in the midst of extending its offerings to the region and has eyes set on Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2022 and plans to further expand into United States, Cambodia and Vietnam by early 2023. With more than 40 retail partners across Singapore, DrinkAid is looking to collaborate with popular pharmacies such as Guardian and Watsons to make the product more accessible for the consumers.

DrinkAid can be found online or at partnering establishments.


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