Deliveroo Reaffirms Commitment Towards Sustainability With WWF’s PACT Food Delivery Collaboration

Friday, November 29th, 2019 | 1985 Views

Deliveroo has signed up to the WWF’s (World Wide Fund for Nature) PACT (Plastic ACTion) pledge, which explicitly commits the firm to plastic packaging reduction. Prior to that, the firm has successfully reduced about 90 tonnes of plastic waste since being the first food delivery company in Singapore to introduce an ‘opt-in’ cutlery function in May 2018.

By signing the pledge, the food delivery company is committed to promoting consumer behaviour change, encouraging people to use more sustainable materials and to recycle more. At the same time, Deliveroo will encourage all restaurant partners to continuously improve their packaging materials with the aim to remove all unsustainable packaging by 2024 via a series of tactics, and is expected to communicate successes and new initiatives in packaging sustainability improvement to stakeholders including consumers and restaurant partners.

Prior to signing the pledge Deliveroo has radically reduced plastic use with millions of single-use plastic cutlery sets saved, amounting to a total of approximately 90 tonnes of plastic waste reduced. This accomplishment is indicative of the delivery firm’s progress towards improving the sustainability of its operations, helping consumers enjoy meals that are sustainably produced, delivered and packaged living by the mantra that good food doesn’t have to cost the earth.

“This is an important step towards building a more sustainable future for the food delivery industry. We are determined to help all the restaurants we work with adopt more sustainable practices, and the results we’ve seen so far are extremely positive,” says Siddharth Shanker, General Manager of Deliveroo Singapore. “Great food shouldn’t cost the earth, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the WWF to reduce plastics in the industry. Deliveroo is committed to being the definitive food company, but that should go hand in hand with protecting our natural environment.”

Says Kim Stengert, Chief of Strategic Communications and External Relations, WWF-Singapore, “The measures taken by Deliveroo send a signal to the rest of the F&B industry to take responsibility for the plastic packaging that they use. Packaging cannot be completely eliminated in an industry that relies on it for health and safety reasons, but it can be better managed. We applaud Deliveroo for giving their customers a choice to say no to plastics, while exploring more sustainable alternative materials.”

In addition to introducing an ‘opt-in’ cutlery feature on its platform, Deliveroo has also introduced other sustainability initiatives. These include a recent partnership with BioPak to replace single-use takeaway packaging with sustainable solutions. The partnership offers over 80 compostable packaging options made from plants and produced from recycled paper at a discounted rate to the delivery firm’s restaurant partners islandwide.

The food delivery company has also announced an exclusive partnership with Impossible Foods, the Silicon Valley food tech pioneer behind the plant-based Impossible Burger, which is now available to customers who order in through Deliveroo from over 100 outlets across the country. In 2018, Deliveroo also removed all Sharks’ Fin dishes from its platform and committed to taking Sharks’ Fin and any shark-related products out of its physical and digital menus.


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