Dairy Farm Commits To Improving Welfare Of Laying Hens

Friday, October 23rd, 2020 | 660 Views

Dairy Farm is investing and launching a new value range of cage free eggs under the Meadows Brand in Hong Kong and Singapore in 2021, to help customers understand the benefits of cage free eggs. The cage free eggs will also be introduced across the 10 IKEA restaurants in Hong Kong and Taiwan by end of 2021.

The company is committed to improving the lives of hundreds and thousands of laying hens across Asia by helping customers recognise the clear benefits that come with a more ethically sourced egg. With the new ranged priced 20 percent lower than the average cage free national brands, customers are given a choice and incentive to switch from caged to cage free. This in turn will give suppliers the confidence to support more cage free demand and make the switch to cage free production.

“These two initiatives demonstrates our commitment to helping change the supply chain for the better for laying hens. By creating demand from customers across Asia for cage free eggs at reasonable prices, and with our earlier commitment to have Own Brand cage free in Upscale by 2028, we are on our way to improving the lives of 600,000 laying hens,” said Mr. Ian McLeod, Dairy Farm CEO.


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