Cybersecurity In F&B: Pointers from Group-IB

Wednesday, July 13th, 2022 | 780 Views

What can the F&B sector learn from the JBS attack? Here are some quick pointers on cybersecurity issues. By Feixiang He, Adversary Intelligence Research Lead at Group-IB, a Singapore-based cybersecurity company.


In the last few years, the F&B sector has increasingly embraced IoT, which has revolutionised the supply chain. However, lax cybersecurity policies can create kinks in the processes if hackers take advantage of businesses that are easy targets.


Payment data, operational data, and customer data are valuable digital assets for most F&B businesses, which make them attractive targets for small-time scammers and more advanced threat actors. Group-IB has been observing a lot of scams involving Singapore F&B brands. Such scams most often start with brand impersonating fake advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, offering discounts and promo items. Fake advertisements redirect victims to the branded scam websites, where the users are prompted to enter their payment and personal details.


Business continuity is essential for the F&B industry, and the downtime costs can be very high. According to the Ransomware Uncovered 21/22 report, ransomware operators posted data about 108 F&B victims on their data leak sites between Q1 2021 and Q2 2022. F&B was in the top 15 industries most frequently targeted by ransomware gangs.


In addition to proper access and backup control, F&B business owners need to have complete visibility of their digital assets. This is where external attack surface management solutions come into play. Managed detection and response capabilities are essential for event monitoring, analysis, and immediate response. F&B outlets leverage various software to improve inventory & order management and customer experience. For companies with limited internal IT capabilities, hosting applications on cloud servers simplifies IT management and provides a good cybersecurity baseline. As Singapore recognised as one of the world’s top few smart cities, an increasing number of IoT equipment’s appear in many F&B outlets. Getting professionally managed cybersecurity services for cloud, as well as on premises digital assets, is a viable option to strike a balance between operational costs and adequate cyber defence.