Crunchy Granola Bar Lines Expand Product Range

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 | 856 Views

Baker Perkins is expanding its portfolio of granola products with the development of new equipment to make crunchy granola bars.

The granola market is expanding rapidly, and Baker Perkins has developed a series of complete system to make a variety of products.  This latest development adds to an equipment range which already includes crunchy baked granola cereal.

The new process involves compressing a sheet of pre-mixed granola to a higher density than conventional cold-formed granola bars, in order to achieve a biscuit-like product with a sharp bite. It was developed to fill a distinct emerging niche market.

One feature of the system is a newly developed forming unit to meet the challenge of accurately guillotining the baked granola slab into bars.  This features servo-control to ensure complete control over the cutting operation.

Oats are the usual base for these new bars, although other grains or dehydrated vegetables are also possibilities. Inclusions and coating—usually with yoghurt—can provide variety.

There are several drivers for the growth of granola including increasing awareness of the health benefits of oats (high fibre, slow energy release and gluten-free); the relentless growth of the cereal bar market; and, as a breakfast cereal, speed and convenience compared with oatmeal (porridge).

The initial mixing process involves blending dry ingredients in a batch mixer and then metering them into a continuous mixer along with oil and sugar to form a mass. Because the high level of compression helps to bind the mass together, less syrup is required for the new, hard bars—a distinct plus for the health conscious consumer.