CropLife Asia Urges Greater Cooperation And Adoption Of Technology In Response To Asia UN Food Security Report

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 | 668 Views

The United Nations (UN) has released a report—”Asia and the Pacific Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition” on progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the World Health Assembly targets for 2030 on nutrition in the Asia and Pacific region.

CropLife Asia has released a statement urging more partnership and agricultural technology adoption across the region to help ensure an abundant and accessible supply of safe, nutritious food for all.

“Today’s report confirms a sadly familiar refrain for Asia: our region is failing to deliver food security for far too many – particularly among mothers, children and the more vulnerable parts of society,” said Dr. Siang Hee Tan, CropLife Asia Executive Director.

“The new data shared today is troubling and simply unacceptable. Nearly two billion people in Asia cannot afford a healthy diet. Meanwhile, two-thirds of our region’s children suffer from wasting; and 14 countries in Asia have a prevalence of stunting with children exceeding 30 percent.

“Ensuring a healthy start for our region’s children is crucial. We owe it to this generation and those that will follow to put aside differences and work together to address Asia’s growing food crisis. From farm to fork, greater cooperation and collaboration across the region’s food supply chain is critically important in helping realize positive nutritional outcomes.

“The innovative technologies of the plant science industry have a key role to play, but it’s only one part of the solution. Making certain an ample supply of affordable and nutritious food reaches those who need it most is not a government, civil society or private sector responsibility – it’s all our responsibility.”


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