CP Foods Singapore Launches MEAT ZERO

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021 | 626 Views

According to Euromonitor International’s report entitled “Voice of the Consumer: Health and Nutritional Survey (fielded January/February 2021)”, 23% of global consumers want to reduce their meat consumption and 16% are aiming for a plant-based diet. This has in turn spurred demand for meatless food options. While there are already meatless options in the market, most of them are pricey. MEAT ZERO’s plant-based meat range, which comprises four products and two ready-to-eat meals, fills this gap.

It took more than three years to produce the plant-based meat products and 2,000 experiments helmed by hundreds of researchers and teams from CPF Food Research and Development Centre. MEAT ZERO partnered with Fuji Oil from Japan, a world-class plant-based products company, as well as  experts from the U.S and Taiwan to develop Plant-Tec innovation. The innovation makes plant-based ingredients taste just like meat.

Traditionally, low-moisture extrusion is used to texturise protein into meat analogue. For MEAT ZERO future product development, the high-moisture meat analogue process is used to texturise vegetable proteins into a product with a fibrous texture akin to animal meat. The appearances, mouthfeel and texture of the products are similar to those of real meat. They are of equal nutritional value. High-fibre, non-GMO soy — which keeps cholesterol levels in check — as well as pea, wheat and corn, are the key ingredients.

MEAT ZERO will be available at Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Online, RedMart, Amazon, Caltex, SPC and Sinopac Petrol Kiosks.

More Information Can Be Found Herehttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/l3m5itdg1i1hlkk/AABd8LSVHffVyX1JYB7l4vdQa?dl=0


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