Consoveyo Completes Conveyor System Installation For JTC Food Hub @ Senoko

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018 | 2949 Views

Consoveyo Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Consoveyo), part of Körber Logistics Systems, announces the successful implementation of a new turnkey interfloor conveyor system at JTC Food Hub @ Senoko, for JTC Corporation (JTC) in Singapore.

“This project is a testament to the quality of Consoveyo’s automated logistics solutions, and it reaffirms our position as one of Southeast Asia’s leading suppliers of automated intralogistics solutions,” shared Poul Lorentzen, General Manager of Consoveyo. “Our partnership with JTC demonstrates our ability to work well with statutory boards, and will hopefully serve as a springboard for Consoveyo to establish a stronger industry presence across the region.”

The Consoveyo Completes Conveyor System Installation For JTC Food Hub @ Senoko is a new seven-storey facility for the food manufacturing industry, developed by JTC in close collaboration with the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA), and Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF). It is Singapore’s first multi-tenanted ramp-up development with an integrated cold room and warehouse facility (CWF) that aims to help food manufacturers boost productivity and enhance their competitiveness.

The Food Hub also offers its tenants a range of material handling equipment to vertically transport goods. The equipment include cargo lifts and a pallet conveyor system linked to pallet lifts for automatic transfers of raw or ready-to-eat products between floors to improve operational efficiency.

With over 20 years of experience in Singapore, Consoveyo has established itself as a global leader for automated material handling and storage systems. Within the Food Hub, Consoveyo supplied and installed a comprehensive Conveying System with 10 automated pallet lifters, each 42m in height. The entire Conveying System will support transportation of palletised goods between the tenants’ factory units and the shared CWF on the first floor.

This Conveying System also features human-to-conveyor interface via manual pallet jacks on tenant levels, forklifts, and potentially AGVs on ground levels. The interfloor System also takes into consideration building elements such as fire alarms to trigger fire protection features like fire shutter doors and high speed doors that provide insulation, and minimise energy loss due to leakage of cold air during material flow transfers.

Lorentzen concluded, “As Consoveyo continues to expand its presence in Asia, we are confident that our robust automated intralogistics solutions and long-term focused customer service will continue to benefit customers across various industries. With a strong, professional team providing local support in Southeast Asia, we are excited about future growth opportunities here.”


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