Chocolate Trends In APAC

Thursday, July 7th, 2022 | 1313 Views

7 July 2022 is World Chocolate Day, when we can enjoy chocolates all we want. As a tribute to this special day, let’s look at chocolate trends in APAC.

The quest for memorable experiences is mainly seen in the chocolate confectionery market. Some brands are experimenting with flavour, texture and usage occasions to channel alternative moments of pleasure and escapism. Here’s a peek at the chocolate trends in APAC, taken from the report A year of innovation in chocolate confectionery, 2022.

      • Among chocolate launches in Asia over the last five years,* crunchy (17%) and smooth (14%) textures are the most common. Chunky textures tend to refer to products featuring nuts and biscuit pieces.
      • 30% of Chinese consumers** are willing to try a chocolate product that offers a unique consumption method.
      • 43% of Indian consumers consider chocolate to be a stress reliever.***

These findings are in line with Mintel’s 2022 Global Consumer Trend report, which outlines how consumers are eager to break out of the confines of pandemic lockdown and social restrictions to explore, play and embrace novel experiences.

The ongoing pandemic and the uncertainties caused by global crises have generated stress and anxiety. As such, brands see an opportunity to serve creations that uplift and encourage. The chance to indulge and feel happy is something that resonates well with many.


The pandemic’s hold over the world is waning as countries open up despite the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus. But consumers will continue to seek indulgence or enjoyment. However, Mintel’s Global Consumer Trend report also cautions that there might be some resistance to such enjoyment as consumers adopt a mindset of indulging with discretion.


*Between January 2017-December 2017; Mintel Global New Products Database