Cargill Brings Innovative Food Solutions For Today And Tomorrow At FIC2019

Friday, March 15th, 2019 | 2133 Views

As one of the world’s leading food ingredient suppliers, Cargill is presenting a wide range of innovative food ingredient solutions at the Food Ingredients China 2019 (FIC 2019). Under the theme of “Nourishing Partnerships, Innovating Solutions”, Cargill aims to be a committed partner to nourish the community and customers in a safe, sustainable and responsible way.

Today, consumers’ behavior around the world is widely different from the past. They take a more holistic approach to their well-being, considering healthy diet as a major path to healthy lifestyle and eliminating nasty ingredients more carefully. Taste is no longer the end-all and be-all, as consumers now demand food to excite all their senses.

Cargill is fully aware of the consumer trends. In order to help our customers and partners better meet these trends, we need to build a solid connection with these partnerships to enable greater progress. By using Cargill’s global reach and unique market insights and expertise, we can help our partners to respond and react to the changing industry demands, so they can better nourish the world again tomorrow.

Derived from Cargill’s global market insights and aiming to tackle issues in food ingredient industry, Cargill is to exhibit solutions and products focused on five categories: dairy, beverage, confectionery, convenience foods, and bakery; these solutions and products address current trends with the combination of approaches focusing on “Healthy for me, Conscious consumption, Experience it and Simplify my life”.

Cargill prototypes at FIC 2019 include:

  • Plant Base Yoghurt with Cereal—comprehensive nutrition, non-allergenic nature source, rich in amino acids required by the human body

Whole Cereal Breakfast Milk—high protein levels with grain to increase the nutrition value, using high oleic acid to balance the fatty acid ratio

  • Low Sugar Lactic Acid Bacteria Beverage with drinkable Jelly—different shaking strength can create abundant tastes, contributing more interaction with consumers
  • Crispy & Chocolates—intense aromas of dark chocolate meet crispy, delicious with neither sweet or greasy taste
  • Super Fruits with Chocolate Panning—fruits combined in dark chocolate, giving it a refreshing taste with sweetness
  • Cereal Bar with Syrup Binder—high in protein, low in saturated fat, more tasty and less oxidation
  • High Protein Healthy Chocolate Cake—rich in protein and nutrition, palatable meal replacement snacks


“Cargill provides our customers with not only food solutions and technical capabilities, but also market and industrial insights to help them activate tomorrow’s products to nourish the world.” said Franck Monmont, Regional Director of Cargill Food & Beverage Commercial Excellence, Asia Pacific. “Cargill will continuously invest in and innovate products to provide customers with what they demand, while focusing on fields such as advancing nutrition, food safety, sustainability, and making products not only stand out from the crowd, but delight future consumers.”

Cargill’s presence in China dates back to 1970s. With almost 50 years of experience in the China food market, Cargill operates extensively across the country throughout a wide variety of ingredients, while also keeps monitoring the country’s market development. Moving forward, Cargill will continue to meet Chinese customers’ growing demand, and better help customers create customised products that are suitable for tomorrow.