Cage-Free Production Systems In Thailand

Thursday, August 16th, 2018 | 1957 Views

CP Foods’ transition to cage-free production systems in Thailand highlights growing animal welfare movement in Asia.

Consumers have been taking a closer look at how their food is produced, catalysing a major shift in the global food industry towards more ethical sourcing methods. As this humane transformation around the world progresses, more and more food and hospitality leaders are adopting cage-free egg policies. Major egg producers are transitioning to higher welfare production systems to meet this growing demand.

Charoen Pokphand Foods, commonly known as CP Foods, one of the world’s leading agro-industrial and food conglomerates, announced in its 2018 Sustainability Report plans to phase out the use of battery cages for 100 percent of the company-owned egg-laying hen farms in Thailand. The company will launch its first cage-free egg barn next year, which unlike conventional battery cage production, will grant hens the freedom of space to walk, fly, stretch their wings and engage in important natural behaviours such as nesting and perching. With this announcement, CP Foods joins other major Asian egg producers in Thailand such as Betagro—which launched its cage-free egg line in March of this year—and Saeng Thong Saha Farm in providing higher welfare eggs to the Southeast Asian market.

An increasing number of studies show that consumers are changing their purchasing habits and choosing higher animal welfare products. The food industry is rapidly changing to accommodate these preferences and prioritize animal welfare. Earlier this year, Carrefour Taiwan became the first supermarket in Asia to commit to selling only cage-free eggs. Humane Society International, a leading global animal protection organization, works with major food and hospitality companies worldwide on the adoption and implementation of their cage-free egg procurement policies, including AccorHotels, Compass Group, Sodexo, SaladStop!, The Lo & Behold Group, Grand Hyatt Singapore and AndazSingapore. As consumer demand continues to rise, producers such as CP Foods are responding to the market change in order to stay competitive, provide higher quality products and keep up with the global cage-free trend as it expands throughout Asia.

Now, more than ever, it is evident that the future of egg production is cage-free.


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