Burger King Releases Its Plant-Based Impossible Whopper In US

Monday, August 26th, 2019 | 1720 Views

Burger King’s plant-based Impossible Whopper burger has made its debut across US on 8 August for a limited time. This meatless burger is made to taste exactly like the original whopper.

“We are really excited to be able to offer our new Impossible Whopper to our guests across the country at an unbeatable value for a limited time,” said Chris Finazzo, President, North America, Burger King Corporation.

“Since we first launched our market tests in St. Louis in April, and later in six other markets across the country, we’ve heard great feedback and know the Impossible Whopper appeals to both current guests who are already big fans of the Whopper sandwich, as well as new guests who are excited about this new option.”

When Burger King did a test run of its Impossible Whopper burger in 59 stores earlier this year, there was an average of 18.5 percent increase in foot traffic at the location where the meatless burger was available.

With the growing demand for the meat-free product, Impossible Foods will be expanding their reach to more restaurants and introducing the Impossible burger patties in supermarkets.


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