Bud APAC Reinforces Net Zero Ambition With Jinzhou Brewery

Monday, June 6th, 2022 | 410 Views

Budweiser Brewing Company APAC (“Bud APAC,” SEHK:1876), the largest beer company in Asia Pacific, is pleased to announce that its Jinzhou Brewery in China is on track to become a carbon neutral brewery in 2022. Celebrating World Environment Day, the company presented the substantial progress towards its 2025 sustainability goals at a virtual forum, underlining its ambition to achieve net zero across the value chain by 2040.

Bud APAC’s virtual forum, themed “Expand carbon neutral footprint, create a net zero future with more cheers!”, brought together local Jinzhou governors, company senior executives and brewmasters, supplier representatives, non-profit organizations (NGOs) experts and the media to exchange insights on sustainability trends and best practices in the brewing sector. Jin Guowei, Secretary of CPC Jinzhou Committee and Wang Xinyu, Deputy Secretary of CPC Jinzhou Committee and Mayor of Jinzhou city, as well as Yanjun Cheng, Chief Supply & Logistics Officer, Craig Katerberg, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer, and Jan Clysner, Vice President of Sustainability & Procurement of Bud APAC, and other company executives joined the event. Participants shared first-hand experience of using innovation to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency alongside practical experiences at the production level and across the supply chain.

Also at the virtual forum, Bud APAC announced its decision to build a new can line at the Jinzhou Brewery. This new can line will further optimize the product mix offered by the Jinzhou Brewery, allowing Bud APAC to better meet market demand for diversified products.

Yanjun Cheng, Chief Supply & Logistics Officer, said: “Taking ‘Climate Action’ is one of our core 2025 Sustainability Goals. Jinzhou Brewery is now set to become carbon neutral, another milestone for all of us at Bud APAC, which substantiates our ambition to deliver net zero across the value chain by 2040. We’re dedicated to supporting innovation and cultivating new partnerships to bring long-term value to our stakeholders, all pursuing an inclusive future with more cheers.”

Jan Clysner, Vice President of Sustainability & Procurement, elaborated on the company’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint across its value chain: “Through the hard work of our people at Bud APAC, we’ve developed a real depth of industry sustainability know-how. We believe in working with our partners and suppliers to help their low carbon transition. We know this will truly be a collective endeavor. So we’ll be sharing more best practices and contributing to industry standard-setting, driving a positive environmental impact at a bigger scale.”

In 2021, Bud APAC made significant progress toward its 2025 Sustainability Goals. In the Climate Action area, total GHG emissions (kgCO2e/hl) across its value chain were reduced by 15.5% compared to the baseline year 2017. The company also continued to be a leader in using 100% renewable electricity, with 3 breweries in China achieving RE100 in 2021. 13 of Bud APAC’s breweries also installed solar panels, helping to increase their direct supply of renewable energy.

The company’s green logistics initiative deployed 335 green vehicles – including 30 electric heavy trucks, 5 hydrogen-powered trucks, and the first hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck in China – accelerating Scope 3 emissions reduction. Bud APAC collaborated with suppliers and partners on the low carbon journey through extensive mapping and planning. The company supported Huaxing Group, its largest glass supplier, to transition to renewable energy by installing solar panels across 7 production plants in 2021. Once completed, the project will contribute 28 million kWh of self-generated electricity, saving more than 21,000 tons of GHG emissions each year.

Speakers at the virtual World Environment Day forum also discussed Bud APAC’s accomplishments in water stewardship, circular packaging and smart agriculture during the event. More information about Bud APAC’s ESG achievements can be found in its latest ESG report here.

For more details, please visit our website at: http://www.budweiserapac.com.
Source: Budweiser Brewing Company APAC


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