Brewing Beer With Bread To Combat Food Waste

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 | 1435 Views

Brewing Beer With Bread To Combat Food Waste British brewery turns unwanted excess bread into the Toast ale brew, and brewers globally will be able to commercially produce the ale.

A third of all food produced globally—approximately 1.3 billion tons worth—is wasted every year, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

In Britain, around 44 percent of the bread produced gets thrown away, nearly 900,000 tonnes each year, making it the most wasted food item.

From Britain, UK, Tristram Stuart, creator of Toast ale, author, food waste activist, began producing the beer last year, inspired by a Belgian microbrewery—Brussels Beer Project—that was producing beer from leftover bread since 2015.

As both bread and beer are made up of water, grain, and yeast, Mr Stuart had a lightbulb moment and thought the two ingredients go perfectly together. With water, hops and yeast added, beer is then produced.

Each pint of Toast ale has the estimated equivalent of one slice of bread in it, and the company has brewed nine tons of bread since it started, equivalent to a carbon dioxide footprint of 4.5 tons.

The brewery now has three varieties of beer: a lager called Much Kneaded; Bloomin’ Lovely, a session IPA; and Purebread, a pale ale.

Proceeds from the brewery goes towards supporting Mr Stuart’s organisation Feedback, which sponsors and supports educational outreach, along with his ‘Feeding the 5000’ event which raises awareness on global food waste.

Mr Stuart’s recipe for turning bread into beer has been posted on the internet so anyone can learn how to brew it and make their own contribution to reducing food waste. He now wants to develop a licence for any brewer in the world to commercially produce the ale, in association with local unsold bread suppliers.


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