Bretèche Industrie Changes Name To Linxis Group

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 | 1003 Views

Bretèche Industrie Changes Name To Linxis Group An equipment solutions provider for the bakery and dairy industries, Bretèche Industrie is renaming itself to Linxis Group.

The management team of the equipment provider and their key financial partner IK Investment Partners have revealed the new name and identity of the company. The move was to stay in tune with a changing world where customer demands drive business development.

Didier Soumet, chief executive officer, Linxis Group, said that the company aims to integrate its specialised equipment to its customers in the manufacturing industry. “Every day, our teams work hard to bring value to what matters to their customers. If you listen to them, they want true partnership and closeness; they demand flexibility; they expect innovative and straightforward answers to complex situations; they need excellence at all stages … and they are right”.


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