Better Juice Joins GEA To Disrupt Global Juice Industry With Innovative Sugar Reduction Technology

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 | 1128 Views

Better Juice, Ltd., the sugar-reduction foodTech start-up, has announced a collaboration with GEA Group AG, Germany, a world leader in process engineering for the food and beverage sectors, in a push to scale up and expand its global footprint. This move comes as part of Better Juice’s commitment to transform the global juice industry through advancing its technology for reducing all sugars in orange juices.

Better Juice and GEA TDS GmbH agreed to collaboratively construct and install the sugar reduction innovative solution to reduce all types of sugars in orange juice and market the system globally. Under this strategic partnership GEA will engineer, design, manufacture, and install the bioreactor that reduces sugars via Better Juice’s proprietary enzymatic process. Better Juice will produce the immobilised microorganisms for the enzymatic process.

The agreement contributes to Better Juice’s goals of broadening its outreach and support to the global juice industry. The company’s breakthrough technology effectively solves the sugar-reduction conundrum without negatively impacting the natural nutritional values and prebiotic benefits of fresh orange juice :- a key challenge in this effort.

The start-up’s enzymatic technology uses all-natural ingredients to convert fructose, glucose, and sucrose into prebiotic dietary fibers and other non-digestible molecules. It can reduce up to 80% of sugars in orange juice. Better Juice’s non-GMO technology is designed to target the specific sugar composition in orange juice to naturally create a low-calorie, reduced-sugar product with a delicate sweetness, without sweeteners or other additives used to replace the sugars.

“This exciting collaboration marks a major milestone in Better Juice’s scale-up plans and advances the commercialisation of our technology,” explains Eran Blachinsky, PhD, founder and CEO of Better Juice. “GEA possesses a sterling reputation in the field of process technology and will be a strong engineering partner. This collaboration will allow for smooth integration of our enzymatic technology into juice production companies seeking to meet the sugar-reduction trend. It will undoubtedly open doors for us and accelerate sales growth internationally,” adds Blachinsky.

“GEA is constantly seeking to work with companies developing innovative solutions and cutting-edge, sustainable technologies that benefit consumers’ nutrition and lifestyles,” says Colm O’Gorman, Head of Sales Management for GEA’s Global Technology Center for Non-Alcoholic Beverages. “Better Juice is an excellent fit, and we are eager to help them develop the market for sugar-reduced juices.”

GEA will design three instruments with small, medium, large production capacities within several months to address various requirements of juice companies. The 200L device will launch within a few months. Each device will be customised to the manufacturer’s needs and limitations, with Better Juice & GEA providing full-service support. “This means that Better Juice can become a global player in the sugar-reduction market, with local support and service teams in each country,” explains Gali Yarom, Co-founder, COO, and VP of Business Development for Better Juice.


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