BASF Drives Next-Level Growth In Sports Nutrition At Food Ingredients Asia

Friday, September 6th, 2019 | 2250 Views

BASF will introduce a variety of nutritional health solutions to support Asian consumers who are embracing an increasingly active lifestyle, at Fi Asia from September 11 – 13 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre. For the first time, the prototypes of PeptAIde, the world’s first nutritional ingredient that was identified and unlocked through AI, will be showcased in South-East Asia.

PeptAIde is a unique set of new generation plant-based peptides that specifically help modulate inflammation markers relevant to physical exercise and was developed in collaboration with an Ireland-based biotechnology firm, Nuritas, to support active consumers in post-workout recovery.

“BASF is committed to using new methods to accelerate the identification of innovative and science-based ingredients to support consumers to lead healthy and active lives,” said Haibo Tian, Vice Director, BASF Human Nutrition Asia Pacific. “The Asia Pacific sports nutrition segment is experiencing double digit growth annually1, and it is apt that we are able to present innovative solutions such as PeptAIde here at Food Ingredients Asia to complement the growing trend of Asian consumers pursuing a more active lifestyle.”

In Thailand, the trend of increasing sports activity is largely consistent with the region. The findings of a physical activity survey showed significant increase in the number of Thai people that undertake sufficient physical activity, from 66.3 percent in 2012 to 71.7 percent in 20152. The largest increase was reported in working adults, an increase from 70.4 percent to 75.8 percent between 2014 to 20152.

One of the challenges of intense physical activity is muscle stress or damage which triggers an inflammatory response. The inflammatory response often results in muscle pain or soreness which can restrict physical activity and is a concern for active consumers. The unique set of plant-based peptides in PeptAIde works by modulating the secretion of a complex network of cytokines, which contribute to the body’s fundamental response to injury and helps modulate recovery.

PeptAIde is produced from brown rice and its mild plant protein taste makes it ideal for various sports nutrition application formats. At Fi Asia, the following two PeptAIde prototypes will be presented:

  • PeptAIde Caramel Latte Shake: a high-efficacy powder supplement fortified with 10 grams of PeptAIde per serve.  Delivered in a ready-mix sachet format, consumers can enjoy a protein shake that modulates inflammation, potentially supporting physiological benefits after exercise.
  • Milk Chocolate PeptAIde Bar: an on-the-go protein bar, containing 10 grams of PeptAIde per bar for consumers who seek convenient solutions that fit their busy and active lifestyles.

Along with sports nutrition, BASF will also present two seminars:

  • Dr Stephan Saum, Head of Global Technical Marketing, BASF Human Nutrition will present insights on PREBILAC 2’-FL, a HMO that supports infant nutrition, and digestive health across different life stages. Visitors to Fi Asia are invited to attend this seminar on September 12, at 15:15, Hall 104, Room 1. At the BASF booth, visitors can also try the new PREBILAC 2’-FL Daily Drink (Natural) and Daily Boost Drink (Orange).
  • Dr. Kai Lin Ek, Senior Scientific Marketing Manager, BASF Human Nutrition Asia Pacific, will also present on vascular stiffness as an indicator of heart health, and explain how plant sterols and omega-3s can help reduce vascular stiffness. Visitors can attend this seminar on September 13, at 11:15, Hall 104, Room 1.

To help visitors better understand their personal heart health status, two complimentary on-site health assessments of the omega-3 index and internal age will be offered to visitors at the BASF booth.


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