Australia’s Country Of Origin Food Labelling Laws Come Into Effect

Friday, July 1st, 2016 | 609 Views

To help Australians find out more about where their food comes from, new country of origin food labelling laws have come into effect in Down Under.

The Australian Made Campaign’s (AMCL) Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) kangaroo logo will feature on most new labels. Labels will also show what proportion of the ingredients comes from Australia to give customers a better understanding of how much of their food is sourced locally.

This labelling system is compulsory for all food products produced for sale in Australia. A two-year phase-in period will allow companies to redesign, reprint and apply the new labels before the 30 June 2018 deadline.

AMCL Chief Executive, Ian Harrison, said the scheme will greatly improve clarity and consistency for Australian consumers. “A tighter system for food labelling, coupled with a better understanding of that system by consumers, will give Aussie shoppers more confidence in what they are purchasing and provide Australian farmer and manufacturers with a much needed leg up,” Mr Harrison said.

AMCL believes the widespread use of the AMAG logo will also strengthen the logo’s connection to Australia and help boost sales of genuine Australian goods in domestic and export markets. Exported food is not required to carry the new labels, however. Businesses who wish to use the AMAG logo will have to apply a license with AMCL.