Asia’s Beverage Market Expected To Experience Unprecedented Growth By 2021

Monday, May 23rd, 2016 | 782 Views

By 2021, Asia is predicted to contribute two-thirds of global incremental beverage consumption, with China alone responsible for one-third of the additional volume, according to Canadean’s most recent Global Beverage Forecasts report.

Alongside with China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam are among the key growing markets and are predicted to be the top ten increment volume providers by 2021.

Packaged water and bulk or home and office delivery (HOD) water, will be the primary driver of incremental volume growth across all these markets, reflecting a growing global health trend but also the opportunities offered by the lack of good quality tap water in emerging markets.

Latin America is expected to achieve the second highest incremental volume growth behind Asia, with Brazil being a key contributor to the region increase.

There is also a growing important of emerging markets the Middle East and North Africa. Their incremental volume increase is anticipated to be three times that of North America, propelled by a burgeoning population growth and demand for soft drinks.

Canadean anticipates that only three developed markets – the US, Japan and Germany – will feature in the ranking for the top ten highest volume markets. This is contrast with in 2000, where the US and West Europe together accounted for nearly one-third of global commercial beverage consumption. By 2021, this would have shrunk to 18 percent.