Asia Pacific Energy Drink Market To Grow At CAGR 4.5 Percent From 2015-2020

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 | 592 Views

Though it’s still an emerging regional segment market, it has been experiencing a rush in popularity in countries such as China and India which in turn will help the market to grow, reported Research and Markets.

Energy drinks are beverages offering metabolic stimulation through multiple legal stimulants such as caffeine, ginseng, guarana and others which act as energy booster.

At present, the Asia Pacific energy drinks market is dominated by Japan, with a market share of 30.4 percent. However, the market continues to grow today. Rising demand for convenience beverage and changing lifestyle in Asia-Pacific region like increasing income, rising sports activities and workaholic culture are major reasons behind this growth. The rising urban class in India has been the most luring factor rounding the energy drink market.

In the report, the market segmentation of energy drinks was done based on the ingredients type, packaging patterns and sales channel for the distribution. Various ingredients are available in energy drinks, and among these, vitamins and caffeine are the major market share holders.

Packaging of the energy drinks also plays a vital role in capturing the market. Major companies have innovated with various patterns based on customer interests. For the past few years, cans have been the major market share holder and their use is expected to increase in the forecast period.

Sales and distribution channels play a critical role in increasing accessibility and availability of products to consumers. The major ones are convenience stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers. However convenience stores are the major market shareholders with nearly 50 percent of the total market.

Consumers looking for quick energy solutions have allowed new manufacturers such as Monster Energy Drink, K.G. Functional Beverages Limited and JK Ansell Limited to tap into the Indian market.

The rising popularity of sports in the country is an opportunity for players to promote their brand, create appeals and recognition among potential consumers.