Anellotech Produces A Collection Of Renewable Chemicals Identical To Fossil-Based Counterparts

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 | 1336 Views

Anellotech Produces A Collection Of Renewable Chemicals Identical To Fossil-Based Counterparts

Anellotech, the technology partner of beverage giant Suntory, has enabled the latter to achieve a 100 percent bio-based plastic bottle for its drink products.

The company uses Bio-Thermal Catalytic (Bio-TCat) technology to convert biomass feedstocks such as wood, sawdust and sugar cane bagasse and other non-food materials into BTX aromatics—benzene, toulenes and xylenes—which can be purified.

Anellotech has been partnering Suntory since 2012 to produce these bio-aromatics, including paraxylene, the key component to make a bio-based PET bottle.

The two companies Suntory and Anellotech constructed the development and testing plant in use since early 2016 in Texas, USA.

In the ‘Bio’ category, Suntory already produces the lightest domestically manufactured PET bottle, 30% is made from plant-based materials. This is used for Suntory Tennesui 550 ml drinks.

Suntory has sought to reduce the use of resins used in its 2R+B (Reduce/Recycle + Bio) approach to cut weight of waste.

Other accolades received include: Suntory Beverage & Food first beverage maker JC to obtain the Forest Steward Award. Suntory Beer also adopted FSC-certified paper-made packaging for its products towards the end of the year.


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