A Pump Is More Than Hardware

Thursday, February 27th, 2020 | 1423 Views

A pump in the production line is like a heart to the body, which is why choosing the right pump is crucial to ensure a smooth flowing production. Those who work in the demanding environment of a production facility would appreciate the need to have a simple, reliable, and robust pump that gives the most uptime and easy maintenance.

But a pump in this competitive business environment also needs to meet several other criteria, such as high energy efficiency output, low power consumption, low noise level, low NPSH (net positive suction head), and high cleanability.

Designed to meet the hygienic requirements of the dairy, food and beverage and personal care industries, this is how Alfa Laval LKH centrifugal pumps bring you more peace of mind:

  1. One seal for many pumps* – no more juggling with various mechanical seals for different pumps
  2. Low power consumption – do away with high electrical cost incurred by pump operation
  3. Super easy maintenance – prevent unexpected downtime resulting in production loss
  4. Hygienic and easy to clean – innovatively designed with high level of safety and hygiene in mind
  5. Widely available service – A large network of authorised service partners in the region to serve you

* Alfa Laval LKH pump range from 5 – 60

Not sure if such a powerful pump can actually deliver up to 50 percent greater energy efficiency than similar pumps? Contact Alfa Laval for your customised sustainability report based on your operation parameters today.


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