A New Consortium To Help Bring Allulose To The EU And UK Markets

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 | 1533 Views

Cosun Beet Company, Ingredion Incorporated, Matsutani Chemical Industry and Samyang Corporation, recently announced a new consortium to help bring to the EU and UK markets allulose and support its nutritional labelling as a carbohydrate.

The new consortium is called the Allulose Novel Food Consortium (ANFC). Companies seeking approval of allulose in Europe who are interested in joining the consortium are encouraged to contact the ANFC. Allulose is authorized as a food ingredient in many countries worldwide, including Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, and the U.S. It is also under regulatory evaluation in several other countries and regions. Having European approval for allulose will provide additional business opportunities within Asia-Pacific, as two members of the consortium are based in the region, Matsutani in Japan and Samyang in Korea. Currently, allulose is FEMA (Flavor Extract Manufacturers Association) GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for use as a flavouring in beverages and milk products.

ANFC’s members believe that a single, joint, proprietary European Union (EU and UK) novel food application could accelerate the approval process, providing time and cost savings for members. In addition, members anticipate that approval of allulose as a novel food ingredient would benefit European and global food industries because of its potential as much more than just a low-calorie sweetening ingredient. EU regulatory approval would also be very influential to other international food regulators bringing this novel food ingredient to the market. The development of reduced-calorie/reduced-sugar foods could also support any government policies for sugar reduction.

ANFC’s next goal is to petition for the exemption of allulose from sugar labelling in the EU/UK market, as per the situation in the U.S. and South Korea.“The formation of the Allulose Novel Food Consortium is an exciting step forward towards accelerating more widespread use of allulose in Europe. Moving forward, we hope to have a far-reaching ripple effect to increase the use of allulose within Asia-Pacific as well,” said Shigehiro Hayashi, Matsutani Chemical and ANFC. “With our members combined knowledge and expertise in the science of healthy food and beverage ingredients, we aim to enable allulose to reach its true potential and recognize that this could help in achieving a reduction in calorie intake – a major public health initiative.”


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