2019 Kerry Taste Charts

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 | 1339 Views

Move Your Taste Quest Beyond Flavour

As a global leader in taste, Kerry is on a constant quest to discover and translate the best taste experiences from nature’s high-quality ingredients. Over the past decade, Kerry has released official taste predictions that have helped brands launch the right products at the right time and win in their respective markets.

The 2019 Taste Charts—which cover regions around the globe—represent Kerry’s annual review of the food and beverage landscape. The APMEA Kerry Taste Charts 2019 utilise sales performance, consumer trends, foodservice influences, and internal culinary and mixology expertise to predict tastes for the coming year

These recommendations provide the industry with a proprietary view into the evolution of flavours and ingredients that are shaping the taste market across the sweet, beverage, savoury and salty snack categories.



Kerry’s Taste Charts methodology utilises our proprietary AI tool that looks into emerging tastes and flavours, point of sale data, product launches and menu penetration, to consider the world of flavours in retail as well as foodservice; in addition to internal insights and industry reports.

The Lifecycle Of Taste

Kerry’s predictions date back a decade and consider flavours and ingredients that are here to stay (Mainstream and Key), as well as flavours and ingredients set to create ripples in the industry (Up & Coming and Emerging).

“This is the first year we are launching such reports as part of an integrated and global effort to provide a full review of the food and beverage flavour landscape in APMEA and all around the world,” said Sebastiano Pagano, VP of Taste, Kerry APMEA. “This proprietary view into the flavours and ingredients shaping the taste will help our customers create a clear, research-backed roadmap for developing new and innovative products that will appeal to consumers in whatever region of the globe they plan to serve.”