• Meet Cancer’s Unlikely Kryptonite

    Broccoli has recently experienced a resurgence of interest in the Read More
  • A Healthy Gut For Happiness

    Happiness can mean different things to different people, such as Read More
  • The Right Ingredients For Your Business—In The Cloud

    The technological revolution is slowly overtaking all the industries, including Read More
  • Solving The Reefer Puzzle For Perishables

    Our large world is ironically becoming smaller with the significant Read More
  • Nutrition For The Elderly

    The world is facing an inevitable ageing population, which will Read More
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Business News

Ingredion Expands Ingredient Portfolio With Chinese Starch Manufacturer Acquisition

With China being a growing market for specialty starches, the acquisition allows the company to further penetrate the Chinese and Asia Pacific market.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Signed Amidst Controversy

Deemed the biggest trade agreement in history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership aims to eliminate tariffs and trade barriers between the 12 participating countries.

Nestle Buys Out Osem For US$840 Million

After more than 20 years of investing in Osem, Nestle has finally gained full ownership of the Israeli foodmaker.

ADM Acquires Harvest Innovations To Boost Ingredient Portfolio

With the plant proteins and gluten-free ingredients from Harvest Innovations, Archer Daniels Midland Company has increased its ability to cater to the current consumer trends...

Soda Pressing News: Proposed Taxes On Carbonated Drinks

Taxation on soft drinks might gain momentum after the World Health Organisation (WHO) backed imposing taxes on sugary drinks.

Texture Modifiers For Elderly-Targeted Foods To Become Mainstream

Food and beverages designed specifically for seniors’ nutrition yet takes into account the physiological challenges of elderly could shake up a category that is on...

Colour Plays A Vital Role In Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Sorbent technology can be used across all product categories to not only protect colour, but also prevent products from spoilage, mould growth, rancidity and loss...

Organic & Natural Health Association Drop Plans For ‘Natural’ Certification

The association has decided to abandon the initial plan to create a certified seal for ‘natural’ products, but aim to remain dedicated to defining the...

The Increasing Allure Of Going Glocal

In a changing global economy, even the goliaths have to start becoming more nimble and in touch with on the ground happenings.

New Regional Sales Director For Microscan, Greater China

Richard Cheng has been appointed the regional sales director for the barcode, machine vision and verification and lighting solutions provider for the Greater China region...

Demand For Organic Food To Rise Substantially In Coming Years

Consumers in fast developing countries such as China are expected to make the conversion to organic food over the coming years.

India’s Food Retail Market To Almost Triple By 2020

A large potential market for all domestic and international companies, the market will likely be worth INR61 trillion (US$895 million) by 2020, according to a...

NSF International Expands NZ-Australia Reach With Burwater Acquisition

The new group, NSF Burwater, will be a part of NSF International’s Food Safety and Quality Division, reporting to Peter Bracher, managing director at NSF...

Asia Will Drive Global Packaging Growth To Almost US$1 Billion

The region holds much potential for great growth as the consumer-class becomes more fully realised, and will drive growth in the global packaging market to...

General Mills Claims 75 Percent Natural

Besides its aim of achieving 100 percent natural colours and flavours by the end of 2017, the company is also transforming its products to offer...

GEA Opens Test Lab Catered To Food And Dairy Industry

The laboratory will test powder properties such as flowability, bulk density and particle size distribution, and help design powder packaging systems that optimise production and...

Cheese On The Rise Across The World

The global cheese market has been seeing a growth in the last few years, a trend that is expected to continue, according to Transparency Market...

Connell Brothers Names New President

Azita Owlia, the former vice president, has succeeded Ted Eliot upon his retirement at the end of 2015.

Future Market Insight: Meat Packaging To Grow

Emerging as well as developed markets will drive up demand for new and improved meat packaging, sustaining the industry’s growth between now and 2025.

Algae, The Upcoming Ingredient For Sports Nutrition

With a unique nutritional profile that can give athletes an energy boost even in small quantities, algae will be ‘one of the biggest industries of...

Warehouses are integral to the food industry, and more so the cold chain logistics sector, which today is becoming more important due to increasing consumer demands for temperature-controlled foods. How…

The Right Ingredients For Your Business—In The Cloud

Sustainable F&B Logistics — The Warehousing Approach

Solving The Reefer Puzzle For Perishables

It is known that hypertension is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease, and if not properly managed, it can lead to strokes, heart failure or premature death. Southeast…

Cleaning Up Pet, The Green Way

Asia-Pacific Lactose-Free Dairy Market: A Potential Market?

2000 Year-Old Seawater All Bottled In

Although food grade lubricants have been in the market for years, a large portion of consumers and suppliers are still misinformed about the regulations and performance of food safe products.…

The Future Of Packaging

Eliminating Sticky Food Waste

Minimising Allergen Risks

Growing consumer demands for natural, healthy products are leading food manufacturers to search for better substitutes for ingredients like sugar. Derived naturally from luo han guo but offering more than…

Krill: An Omega-3 Option On The Rise

Sweets For All

Can We Print Crispiness?

Food fortification is a proven way to deliver vitamins and minerals where regular diets fall short. In Asia, diets are changing to include more processed foods. Producers of not only…

Meet Cancer’s Unlikely Kryptonite

A Healthy Gut For Happiness

Nutrition For The Elderly

Frutarom Health BU has launched its new superberry ingredient formulations for confectionery products. The superberry is an all-natural ingredient sourced from Inca golden berries, the Andean physalis fruit, combining the…

Flexicon: Tubular Cable Conveyor

DuPont: Brewing Enzyme

Baker Perkins: Extrusion Sheeting

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